Thursday, June 19, 2014

Review: Dirigiri "Self-titled EP"

Band: Dirigiri
Album: Self-titled EP


    San Antonio, TX extreme three-piece metal fanatics, Dirigiri, do not seem to take their foot off the speed pedal. The six tracks featured on this self-titled release exemplify how intense thrash metal, mixed with some brutal slamming death metal, is to be played. One of the band’s most noticeable achievements with this album is that they know how to create catchy and heavy sounding rhythms. There are some really good intense grooves that allow the songs to really flow. I find most of your typical death thrash bands tend to sound too chaotic and focus immensely on the fact they can play extremely fast. Dirigiri can turn up the speed too, but the sound is very tight and the music has a sense of direction.
    Now, this style of music is nothing new and it didn’t sprout of the ground yesterday. However, Dirigiri makes an effort with each of the six songs to standout, and of course, challenge their own musical abilities. Once the first song “Boiled in Blood” began, the band wasted no time showing off their intense musical abilities. Their style of thrash mixed with death metal does not really emphasize one particular style. “Boiled in Blood,” showed a band that is working to form their own unique sound, and the musicianship definitely caught my attention right away. This group’s sound is fluid in a slight sense, yet still very aggressive. The bombastic death growl vocals used demand your attention and give each word a brutal emphasis.
    Song number two, “Bone Collector,” is another brutal grooving piece of music. Here the band releases all of their inner rage for a speed demon like track of fiery destruction. The guitarist’s picking is extremely fast and he throws in a variety of different guitar parts, especially for only one guy. Track three, “Death by the Hands of an Angel,” continues Dirigiri’s quick extreme style of metal. For some reason this track seemed shorter than the others, but that is because the band did not mess around and broke right away into a metal tornado sounding jam. Following up the intensity is another mosh forming track, “Riot.” The drummer rapidly pounds his kit as the guitar and bass tear into a sinister riff. Compared to the other songs, this one for some strange reason reminded me of how the splatterthrash band Ghoul sounds. Maybe because the intense mix of death metal and thrash metal sound more gruesome on this track, or maybe I just come up with bizarre comparisons.
    The final two songs of this album finish in the same extreme brutal way in the which this album began. “Straight From the Grave 2,” is a morbid sounding extreme music offering full of corpse tearing riffs and grinding rhythms. Out of all the songs on this album, I really enjoyed the last song, “Toilet Extermination.” The drumming during the song is blazing with technicality, the main verse’s ripping guitar riff is extremely catchy and the song’s title, is utterly hilarious. Nothing more brutal than banging your head to a song about destroying a toilet.
    Overall Dirigiri presented a solid release that leaves me wanting more extreme death thrash material. I think these guys know how to combine their influences while working to craft their own musical identity. Definitely a band to be on the look out for in future. I recommend this band for anyone who enjoys Slayer, Overkill and Testament, mixed with Death, Morbid Angel and Possessed. Dirigiri is so brutal, they might make your toilet explode!
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