Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: GAME OVER "Burst Into the Quiet"

Album: Burst Into the Quiet


    Revival Thrash anyone? With members of the Big Four of Thrash Metal getting old and whinny(tends to happen to most elderly people), the young bands are beginning to break through more.
    Of course, these young thrash bands would not be around if not for all those groups who paved the way back in the eighties. Over the last ten years revival thrash continues to strongly push forward, and Italy’s GAME OVER is yet another group running down that intense highway of thrash. Their second full-length album, “Burst Into the Quiet,” really bursts into extreme thrashing madness once the album begins. This band captures the intense raw style of early Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Overkill, Exodus, Testament and all those other influential thrash groups. Compared to most of the other revival thrash bands, GAME OVER offers a pure shot of adrenaline when playing their music. They have this relentless aggressive sound that reminds of D.R.I. and Nuclear Assault. 
    The musicianship demonstrated on this album is fierce and precise. GAME OVER creates some catchy wicked sounding thrash songs. The opening song, “Masters of Control,” begins with a blazing guitar riff. Once the other instruments start tearing away, the head spinning chaos takes form. The band’s vocalist shouts each lyric out with tremendous energetic force, and his vocal style allows the words to be heard clearly. 
    Although drummers do not receive that much credit for their contributions, they are one of the most important parts in any thrash band. GAME OVER’S drummer is a crushing rhythmic machine. Song’s like “Seven Doors to Hell” and “The Eyes (Of the Mad Gardner),” feature some insane double bass talent and precision timing. When the band writes a song, they really do a great job planning out their different musical parts along with playing their instruments extremely fast. “No More,” is one song that gives listeners a taste of everything this band is capable of doing. GAME OVER throws in some medium tempo thrash riffs and quickly turns up the speed meter for a lightening thrash attack. The guitarist shreds with a melodic edge and his leads during the song are flawless.  
    I keep bringing up the fact that this band plays with some intensity, and the 28 second song, “Metropolis pt.3,” is a perfect example. Just think of a short hard hitting hardcore punk track, but with an overall thrash sound. I consider this song to be my favorite on the album because the band was able to demonstrate some amazing musical abilities, even though they only had 28 seconds. Another track that I want to reference for its vibrantly bombastic old school thrash sound is, “Nuke ‘em High.” The opening bass riff sets way for an ominous guitar assault. Also, the main chorus is written in this triumphant manner that makes the lyrics really standout.
    GAME OVER managed to take a style of music that I have heard numerous times before, and keep me head banging with excitement. I think that is a problem I have with most revival thrash bands. Instead of coming up with solid energetic thrash songs, they try too hard to create some new dynamic sound that ends up sounding overwhelmed by different extreme noises. GAME OVER’S “Burst Into the Quiet” is proof that the old school formula still works and can keep the pit moving forward. So, if you are a thrash metal maniac, get this album and add this band’s logo to your denim jacket! 

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