Monday, January 2, 2017

Omnizide "NekroRegime"

  Sweden is a country where extreme music continues to thrive and the number of bands with great releases is endless. Omnizide is yet another band from Sweden with extreme metal talents that will impress hordes of metal listeners from around the world.

  For their sophomore full-length release titled, “NekroRegime,” the band summons up an unholy assault of black metal and old school death metal. The vocals and riffs definitely fall along the lines of black metal, however, there are sections during some songs that give off that crushing old school Swedish death metal vibe. Overall, the album’s dark and brutal atmosphere will freeze the hearts of listeners and inspire headbanging lunatics to unleash their inner aggression.

  The opening track, “Himmelstrasse (330ft),” sets the tone for the album and builds up anticipation with rapid snare drum strikes and the tolling of bells. Omnizide constructs a horrifying blackened riff that is accompanied by some gruesome growls from the band’s singer. The musicianship from each member is quite impressive and the songwriting is solid throughout the album. Haunting minor chord driven songs like, “Walls of Flesh,” and “Doomsday Revelations,” remind us what black/death metal music is all about...delivering musical chaos without remorse. I like how this band puts their foot on the gas pedal and keeps hammering out extreme song after extreme song. There is consistency, yet the songs never become boring or lackluster.

  Out of the nine song featured on this album, I find it hard to pick a favorite, so I will name off a few tracks that I think standout. “The Return of the Loving Dead,” is a vicious sounding assault of raw black metal energy. The song, “Death Womb,” has a sinister and catchy main riff which reminds me of something you would hear from Darkthrone. Lastly, “Devil in Me,” is a killer piece of blackened sounding terror that covers the musical landscape in frozen darkness with plenty of haunting guitar moments.

  In the end, Omnizide wrote a consistent sounding release that I thought offered a well crafted sound of black metal with a little old school death metal. I can see some people finding this album to be nothing new in the world of extreme music, but I think the band’s musicianship along with the album’s overall production, helps to make this a solid release. It is definitely worth checking out if you like black metal and old school Swedish death metal, or if you want a soundtrack for when you go walking through the woods at night under a full moon. Just remember to not pet the wolves, because they will eat you.

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