Sunday, June 26, 2022

Void Rot “Telluric Dismemberment”

    A couple years ago Void Rot released their monstrous sounding debut full-length album, “Descending Pillars,” which was well received by the extreme metal community. Fast forward to now and Void Rot is back with a brand new EP titled, “Telluric Dismemberment.” The new EP features a brand new track, a killer Amorphis cover and three live tracks that were recorded as part of an exclusive CVLT Nation show. 

    This Minnesota based death doom outfit really impressed me with their debut album, “Descending Pillars,” because I honestly could not believe the monumental destructive force that this band was capable of conjuring up in regards to their compositions. From the bludgeoning drum parts, to the cataclysmic sounding riffs, this band means business and never seems to compromise when pertaining to their abhorrent extreme metal vision. 

    The brand new track, “Telluric Dismemberment,” is a juggernaut of savage sounding torment that conveys a merciless death doom mindset. Anytime the guitarist hits a chord, you feel the hellacious force come bursting out of your speakers along with the singer’s inhuman vocals. The entire composition brings together a plethora of deafening influences, yet I really like how Void Rot never falls victim to the generic old school death metal worship approach. This band is not reinventing the extreme music wheel by any means, but they sure as hell are leaving an impact when you listen to their music. 

    Also, I thought that the band’s decision to cover, “Black Embrace,” by Amorphis was a great choice and definitely makes since given how Void Rot at times reminds me of Amorphis. Although, I will say that Void Rot was able to make the song sound even darker than the original and the recording was very raw sounding. The three live tracks are also very impressive and it gives listeners the opportunity to hear how this band is able to perform live. “Descending Pillars,” “Liminal Forms,” and “Inversion,” are three solid choices, but I would say that my favorite out of the three is, “Descending Pillars.” During the live version of, “Descending Pillars,” you just feel overwhelmed by the drummers bombastic and aggressive style of playing that adds such fearsome energy to the overall apocalyptic sound.  

    Working with Everlasting Spew Records, Void Rot looks to be releasing this EP on July 22nd, so make sure to order yourself a copy. Also, the band will be going on tour in Europe with label mates, Burial, which is great for all those European fans (Hoping a US tour is maybe in the works as well). Anyway, I am glad to hear that Void Rot is continuing to record and release more malevolent skull crushing extreme metal music, and I really hope when they have time that they can record another full-length. If you thought the first album was inhumanely brutal, then just wait for what they might do on the next album!

Check out the song “Telluric Dismemberment” below: 

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Goathammer & Empty Chalice "From the Chalice of the Goat"

    Canadian extreme metal bands, Goathammer and Empty Chalice, join forces to unleash a blasphemous assault of agonizing black metal upon the world with their brand new split, “From the Chalice of the Goat.” The songs on this split are inhumanely brutal and both bands prove to be fiendish forces with their sights set on crafting decimating compositions for listeners to become immersed in a sea of suffocating darkness. 

    Now, I am rather familiar with Empty Chalice having reviewed their debut EP, which I highly recommend people check out if they have not already. I think Empty Chalice does a tremendous job constructing raw old school sounding black metal, while also not becoming victims of that generic worship black metal sound which ends up becoming forgettable after a couple listens. With this split being my first introduction to Goathammer, I was really impressed by their sound and I liked the band’s savage old school approach to creating riffs. The band does an excellent job with their recordings by creating a vivid sounding ritualistic atmosphere. 

    Goathammer starts the split off with the song, “Sulphuric Breath of Astaroth,” which features a ferocious opening composition. The band’s drummer really unleashes a flurry of destructive sounding rhythms from behind the kit, thus sending a devastating shockwave across the musical landscape for the guitars to hammer out some sadistic sounding riffs. Also, the band’s vocalist delivers the lyrics with such malice and disgust that you cannot but relish in the hellish insanity that comes out of your speakers. The band also cover’s the song, “Disintegrator/Incinerator,” by Canadian death/thrash legends Slaughter (Not to be confused with that crappy hair metal band Slaughter that wrote some dumb song about flying with angels). I thought Goathammer did a solid job with the cover, especially in terms of how it complimented their overall sound as well as their malefic extreme metal mindset. 

    Empty Chalice contributes six tracks to the spilt with the first being, “Lamentations,” a very haunting introduction track that features a phenomenal acoustic guitar piece. From then on the band tears through short yet extremely unforgiving sounding tracks, all of which display the band’s terrifying talents. I would say that my favorite song from Empty Chalice was, “Poison (Venenum Est Numium),” primarily because of the ominous sounding introduction. You feel as though you are entering some primitive demonic dominion as the drums and bass unleash a hurricane of deafening destruction. Towards the end of the song I really liked the frantic sounding guitar solo, because unlike some guitarists who tend to get carried away with pointless shredding, Empty Chalice’s guitarist knows how to fit a lead part into an arrangement and actually leave an impact on the listener. Overall, Empty Chalice’s songs did not disappoint and their cover of Hellhammer’s, “Revelations Of Doom,” was a great choice to have as the final song on the spilt. 

    Both bands did a tremendous job on this split and I also thought that the two bands really complimented each other well in terms of their unforgiving and ruthless styles of songwriting. I can definitely see these two bands performing live and sending black metal hipsters fleeing for their lives as the music would prove to be too malevolent for those skinny jean wearing yoga obsessed humanoids who ride electric scooters listening to crap like Myrkur. In the end, I highly recommend people check out this split if they are into abhorrent sounding black metal that embraces the old school extreme metal mentality of unapologetic artistic expression. 

Check out the full split below : 

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Telesterion “An Ear of Grain in Silence Reaped”

    I have always enjoyed artists that are willing to take a step outside the norm and experiment with a plethora of unique sounds. Telesterion is an act that recently reached out to me asking if I could review their ambitious sounding debut EP, “An Ear of Grain in Silence Reaped.” The band’s sound can be described as post-metal with some progressive metal/rock elements, along with some melodic doom touches. One thing for sure is that this band is very committed to creating massive sounding atmospheres where the guitars establish this dynamic layer of heaviness and mesmerizing tranquility. 

    The EP’s overall theme is based on ancient Greek rituals known as Eleusinian Mysteries, which I found to be rather fascinating and definitely strengthened the band’s approach to composing each track. When it comes to concept albums some artists get carried away, or have a hard time presenting a coherent sounding release. Luckily I did not hear any of that on this album, especially due to the fact that the overall production is rather solid and the musicianship is very tight sounding. There are moments where the riffs can become a bit repetitive, although the experimentation with different tones and guitar effects at least breaks up the monotony when needed. 

    The EP contains four tracks, “Things Done,” “Thing Shown,” “Things Said,” and “The Rharian Field,” all of which fit together like pieces to a puzzle. From the first track you find yourself walking into this massive sounding musical dimension where the band hammers away at a monumental sounding riff. I would say that the first song conveys a more doom like presentation, yet evolves into a more calming progressive metal landscape towards the end. One area of the album that I believe really stands out and impressed me the most was the ghastly sounding melodic vocal parts. For example, on the second song, “Things Shown,” the contrast between the cataclysmic instrumental arrangement and the soothing vocal delivery was something I found to be very creative. Also, the album takes on this transcendental like quality, which can most vividly be heard as the album reaches the very end with the final track, “The Rharian Field.” 

    Overall, this is a very solid release and the execution of the band’s vision I think will really hook listeners who enjoy dynamic sounding music that blends heaviness and melodic atmospheric elements together. I believe that, “An Ear of Grain in Silence Reaped,” is a great starting point for further exploration and it allows the band to determine how they wish to proceed on future releases. The album is expected to come out June 16th, so I highly recommend checking the album out once it is released. Plus, the band is teaming up with Snow Wolf Records to release the album on vinyl and cassette, so if you want to add the EP to your collection do check out the link at the bottom below the video. 

Check out the song "Things Said" below: 

Link to Snow Wolf Records Bandcamp:

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Roseneath "Shine"

    Remember the 90’s when gas wasn’t seven dollars a gallon, there was no such thing as TikTok and there were actual rock bands that played their instruments? Well, Roseneath is an up and coming rock band that blends 90’s alternative, grunge and a bit of shoegaze to remind us a bit of the 90’s rock period with their upcoming debut demo, “Shine.” 

    This two person band from Richmond, VA really caught my attention when they first reached out to me, as I do not get a lot of new bands describing themselves as grunge these days, or even shoegaze for that matter. Most readers of this blog know that I tend to cover a fair amount of death metal, black metal and bands that are looking to decimate your eardrums. However, I am a fan of all things hard rock and heavy metal, and have a very eclectic taste in music that has me listening to New Order one day and then Graveland the next. Roseneath is a group that does not seem to be afraid to explore their sound and draws from a variety of influences. I can tell that these are young songwriters trying to piece it all together, and I really must say that I respect the effort and creativity. 

    The entire release is full of simple yet very powerful melodies along with that hard hitting grunge guitar sound at times. “Blurred & Bent,” captures that Nirvana like energy where the riffs are dirty sounding, but you also have some mesmerizing moments to create a very calming atmosphere. The soaring vocal parts during the song also added an extra boost of raw emotion and I really liked this singer’s delivery. On the second track, “By a Thread,” the band deals out another solid piece of music that once again features some meaty sounding riffs. I will say that I was not as enthusiastic about the guitar mix at times, but I will be fair and say that these guys are not working in a top of the line recording studio and getting produced by Steve Albini. 

    For fans of more alternative rock, “Say Never,” will definitely be a song that I can see getting people to drift away into that soothing see of blissful distortion. For the most part, the overall arrangement is pretty simple and straight forward, although the band places a lot of emphasis on the chorus section which sort of reminded me of King’s X. In the end, my favorite song off of the album is, “Chasing Ghosts,” because from start to finish the overall recording is extremely tight. Right from the beginning the rush of thunderous distortion pulls you in without any warning and then makes way for a hypnotic chorus section. One of my favorite parts during the song is when the band does a quick pause for that dramatic effect right before jumping back into a mountain sized bludgeoning of unapologetic angst. The last song on the EP, “Shine” is a decent track and once again showcases a group with a hunger to write some tight sounding rock music that can hopefully appeal to wide range of listeners. 

    I think listeners who are looking for an ambitious rock band taking influence from 90’s rock music whether it be grunge, alternative or shoegaze, will really be pleasantly surprised by this band. “Shine,” is a great first introduction and I believe there is a lot to build off of on future releases, especially when pertaining to the songwriting talents showed on, “Chasing Ghosts.” Roseneath is just the band the world needs right now as I find the whole rock is dead statement made by a lot of people to be rather pessimistic. I encourage artists like this to keep recording and performing, because you never know what they might record one day. Also, I would prefer to see more bands like Roseneath instead of young people doing those horrendous TikTok videos that are watched by mindless zombies. 

Link to Roseneath Bandcamp :

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Apostasy "The Unknown Path"

   Sentient Ruin is on a role with new releases this year, and I am not complaining at all. Recently the band has put out a handful of cassette tapes and this EP from Apostasy is one of those new releases. Apostasy first released, “The Unknown Path,” back in 2020 and is teaming up with Sentient Ruin to put out the EP on a physical format for fans to purchase. Apostasy is a very talented extreme metal band that combines merciless sounding thrash metal with raw and primate black metal elements. 

   These Chilean thrash metal maniacs have been around since the late 80s, but eventually ended up taking a rather long break and did not put out new music until about 2018. Ever since their return the band looks to have been delivering some blistering releases, and I can tell you that, “The Unknown Path,” is one decimating release. If you are fan of ruthless thrash similar to that of Destruction, Morbid Saint and early Slayer, then this album is going to hook you in right away. 

   The tracks featured on the EP are extremely raw sounding and come roaring at you like fiendish hell hounds looking tear something apart limb from limb. “Defeating the Speed,” is a scorching piece of music that does not mess around and wastes little time conjuring up a chaotic sounding musical landscape. The vocals are what really caught my attention when I started listening to the track, especially how the vocalist is able to deliver the lyrics with such sinister aggression. 

   One can tell that this band does not look to break away from the old school thrash blueprint, which to some might seem a bit repetitive. However, I felt as though that even though the riffs on this album are not the most technically innovative sounding at times, the band did a really solid job creating songs that convey a fearsome old school extreme metal attitude. “Sign of Saturnus,” is one track that I found to be very haunting in terms of how the band went about crafting these haunting arrangements which ended up making for one evil sounding piece of music. The final song, “The Shining Light,” is another solid track and keeps the blasphemous energy flowing with more savage guitar work and ear shattering drum parts. Again, the music is nothing new to the world of metal, although the execution is a lot better than some of the new metal releases I have had sent to me. 

   Apostasy is a band that I highly recommend checking out if you are into old school sounding extreme thrash/black metal. “The Unknown Path,” is a great introduction if you have not heard of this band before, and the music will be sure to scare the people in the car next to you when driving around your city blasting this at full volume. I swear that there are enough sacrilegious chord progressions on this release to wake up the dead and start of demonic zombie uprising! 

Check out the full EP below : 

Sentient Ruin Bandcamp:

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Assumption "Hadean Tides"

    If anyone thought 2022 was starting off slow in terms of the amount of strong new releases, Assumption comes bursting out of the nightmarish void to capture your attention by pulling you into a mind altering realm of punishing extreme sounding creativity with their new album, “Hadean Tides.” This death doom band from Italy has proven over the years that they do not wish to simply make stereotypical sounding extreme metal music, and instead sets their sights on exploring instrumental arrangements that leave listeners feel as though they are being pulled through a gateway into a inhuman hellish dimension. 

    I have been following this band since they released, “The Three Appearances,” back in 2014 and they have really become an act that understands how to write behemoth sounding albums. The ability to compose such monumental landscapes that deviate from some of techniques used by most modern death metal bands, definitely helps Assumption standout from the rest of the bands around. Working with Sentient Ruin and Everlasting Spew, two exceptional extreme music labels, Assumption is focused on unleashing a decimating and mesmerizing release that will instantly hook listeners. The album is extremely dynamic and you are left in sheer amazement as the band journeys into this explosive, yet sinisterly hallucinogenic sounding world. 

    The start of the album definitely reminded me of previous works by Assumption, and the band holds nothing back as they introduce listeners to their cataclysmic sounding world with the first track, “Oration.” You feel completely overwhelmed by the juggernaut sized drum parts that are followed up by some monstrous sounding guitar riffs. Everything about this band’s artistic vision is precise and presented with a malevolent confidence to drag listeners down into this unholy dominion. On the second track, “Submerged by Hadean Tides,” the guitar playing had me listening with great interest from the start of the song until the very end. The band’s unconventional approach to composing by starting out with a very slow and ominous sounding riff and then transitioning into that blistering old school death metal style, is perfectly recorded to create such a profound atmosphere. 

    Throughout the album I continued to recognize how this band is extremely talented when building up an arrangement and not getting carried away with frivolous sounding technical riffs. The vocals, the guitar playing and the drumming all sound tight and establish this colossal wall of distorted destruction. On the track, “Breath of the Dedalus,” the band ventures into this insidious sounding cinematic world to create ambience one might expect to be used in a horror film. Similar to what I have heard from this band in the past, they are masters at composing ominous and surreal sounding atmospheres. 

    One track that I felt ventured into a more hypnotic direction was, “Triptych.” At first I thought that the band OM had somehow contributed a song to the album, as the vocal delivery reminded me of how Al Cisneros sounds on all those Om releases. The song was a bit of a head scratcher when I first heard it, but after a few listens I started feel as though that this might be the best song off of the album. The song may be an anomaly compared to the previous songs, however, I find that it plays a significant role looking back at this entire album. Assumption creates a world of true unpredictability, allowing listeners to experience a plethora of haunting and surreal sounding moments. 

    “Hadean Tides,” in my opinion is an album that brings together a variety of elements and reaffirms my respect for this band. I believe fans will recognize similar musical themes that have been explored in previous releases, as well as some unique variations to what one might expect. Also, the metal world should definitely take notice of this band, because the skillful musicianship and songwriting talents are something that I personally find to be lacking amongst young modern metal bands. Assumption is not writing sloppy riffs and recording their drums in such a manner that you wonder if the band was huffing paint during the recording of the album. In the end, this band continues to show a relentless drive and will hopefully keep pushing the boundaries of extreme music on future releases. 

Check out the song "Submerged by Hadean Tides" : 

Sentient Ruin Bandcamp:

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Low Moments "Picked Dead Last in the Dodgeball Game of Life"

    I know, some of you are questioning why Rob “The Metal Guy” is reviewing a non-hard rock/heavy metal album. I can just imagine a kvlt black metal badass seeing this and calling me a poser from their mom’s basement while eating a Hot Pocket. However, I thinking that it should be know that I listen a variety of different artists and even though this blog is called the Rock and Metal Temple, I am always willing to review and promote artists that I believe people should check out.  

    For many year I have been a fan of new wave, synth wave and dark wave, anything with "wave" attached to the end, so when the opportunity came upon to review this new release from the band, Low Moments, I thought here is a great opportunity to breakaway from what I usually review. Plus, with an album cover as hilariously clever as, “Picked Dead Last in the Dodgeball Game of Life,” you know that this is an album worth checking out. All the songs on this album actually have pretty amusing titles, but the music is very unique and very diverse. You do hear a lot of catchy synth pop arrangements, as well as some gloomy new wave elements. Also, the songs are rather short in terms of length, which I found refreshing to hear and helped the album flow from start to Finnish without much issue. 

    What stood out the most was how a song could be extremely catchy and full of brilliant sounds, yet contain some very interesting lyrics. I mean, the song titles alone are sheer genius and capture the type of personality I want from a band looking to experiment with a variety of styles and sounds. “Asthmatic Around Ladies,” is one song that I found to be extremely entertaining and it actually features some really creative sounding bass parts. Being a huge fan of New Order I always like hearing those sharp sounding bass parts to inject some extra moodiness to the overall sound. On the song, “Always Outside the In-Joke,” the music brings you into this very vibrant sounding world, which is also met by the singers very sad and solemn voice. 

    The album contains a handful of very short instrumental jams, some of which I would definitely like to hear expanded and incorporated into future material. I mean, the synth arrangements and melodies can be extremely addictive sounding at times, but then some of them can sound like samples from a cheesy 80’s TV show about detectives in Miami shooting at drug dealers who are supposed to be from a foreign country yet look like they have fake spray tans and talk with painfully phony accents. One instrumental track that I really enjoyed was, “When Your Song Title Are Better Than Your Songs,” because the title one again highlights into this band’s sarcastic sense of humor. I could even have seen this song with its trippy 80's sounding guitar riff being used as the theme music for a movie that blends together the worlds of John Waters and John Hughes. I would have loved to have seen a Divine meets the Breakfast Club film, or Divine as the lead role in Uncle Buck. 

    “But No, For Real, I’m Good at Nunchucks,” was one track that all humor aside really caught my attention. Even though the song is not very long you are presented with this rush of creative ideas and the punky sounding riff towards the end provided an extra touch of 80's sounding adrenaline rushing attitude. Low Moments may like to come off as a humorous act at times with their songs titles, but the musicianship is no joke and the quality of the recordings is very impressive for the most part. 

    Throughout the entire album I cannot say that I was offended, or completely disturbed by anything, so if anyone wanted to hear some classic sounding synth pop music to reminded them of the 80’s instead of that obnoxious Netflix show about Russians, a girl with supernatural powers exactly like Carrie and monsters practically stolen from the first Resident Evil film, then I highly recommend listening to this album. Low Moments is definitely the band to be playing right now as you cruise around in your Delorean drinking your New Coke and making all the young kids in your neighborhood think you are going through a midlife crisis. 

Check out the video for "Asthmatic Around Ladies" : 

Low Moments :