Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Cemetery Filth Song "Exhumed Visions"

    Cemetery Filth delivers that old school death metal filth and fury with their new track, “Exhumed Visions.” The Southeast USA based band offers up a gruesome sounding taste of what is to come and looks to be quite busy out on the road.

    Starting later this month Cemetery Filth is going to be touring with Church of Disgust around the eastern side of the United States. Also, the new demo song, “Exhumed Visions,” will be featured on a split tour promo tape that will be sold at the shows. With plans to release their debut full-length album in spring of 2019, the new song is an impressive preview of the ultimate brutality and casket crushing sound that this band can conjure up in the studio.

    I remember when I first heard them on the four band compilation album “Four Doors to Death” released through Unspeakable Axe Records, which was an all around exceptional release. After hearing Cemetery Filth’s two tracks on that album, I was instantly drawn to their sinister sounding style of old school death metal. The new track, “Exhumed Visions,” features some vicious old school sounding riffs along with some pulverizing drum parts. I find the songwriting and vocal delivery to be extremely well thought out and keeps you completely engaged from beginning to end. If this is just a small sample of what is to come, I cannot wait to hear what else the band has in store for fans when they drop their debut full-length album.

    With so many death metal bands putting together generic and sloppy sounding releases, Cemetery Filth brings old school death metal substance and the promise of a morbid sounding future of extreme musical terror. Definitely try to catch them on their upcoming tour with Church of Disgust as the shows shall be great gatherings of pure death metal insanity. In a world full of obnoxious and forgettable sounding music (Particularly that indie rock hipster bullshit that come from the Bay Area), we need Cemetery Filth to summon horrendous destruction and to open up the gateways of extreme sounding annihilation!

Check out the new song below!

Cemetery Filth Facebook page:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Abstracter "Cinereous Incarnate"

  Apocalyptic sounding destruction is what one shall imagine when listening to music from Bay Area based sludge metal juggernauts, Abstracter. Their sound is like a massive shockwave of extreme sounding terror rattling through the Earth and sending listeners into an abyss of endless distorted doom.

  Ever since I reviewed the bands first album, “Tomb of Feathers,” back in 2012 while writing for another website, I have always been mesmerized by the band’s striking dark sounding atmospheres of bombastic sounding sludge and doom. Also, there are a variety of elements incorporated into the band’s sound, so at times you will get some vicious blackened crust jams followed by a slower sludge riff section. This new album, "Cinereous Incarnate," which marks the third full-length album from these guys, is once again quite impressive in terms of sound and just all around extreme sounding devastation. The ambient touches on this album add to an already heavy sound by injecting more abysmal landscapes throughout each song.

  Containing six tracks, the album really does consume you as you listen by providing plenty of moments where you are focused on the sheer ferocity that Abstracter brings to the table. The opening song, “Nether,” contains some explosive sounding riffs and the song’s entire structure was very well pieced out. They are able to expand on basic heavy riffs while at the same time throwing in a few quick sections that reflect a more crust punk approach. The next track, “Cinereous,” is a short haunting ambient piece that is really intended to build up anticipation for, “Ashen Reign,” which hits with tremendous force. The drummer matches the burst of guitar feedback by pounding the utter crap out of his kit and making the music have a strong beating pulse.

  Track four, “Wings go Annihilation,” contains some dark sounding guitar sections and was probably my favorite song off the album. There is definitely more of a black metal side being presented and the diversity of compositions sounded great. Returning to a more ambient style, “Incarnate,” leaves you lost in a world of bleak sounding noises feeling as though you are gazing at the ruins of a fallen city of smoke and ash. Concluding the album, “Devouring Night,” happens to be the most suitable sounding conclusion for an already decimating release. The entire production sounds solid on this track, especially the vocals and how they are delivered by the band’s singer. You really have a hard time trying to find anything wrong with the band, because they all seem to be on the same page and their talents allow for the music to come across with such conviction on each track.

  I do believe Abstracter continues to thrive as they keep releasing new music and this new album is yet another heavy sounding release for fans to blast on their speakers. I need to see these guys live, because if they sound this heavy on their albums, seeing them live will blow me straight out of the venue. Extreme music is still thriving here in 2018 and Abstracter’s music is definitely helping the uncompromising brutality continue for us fans to enjoy.

Check out "Ashen Reign" below:

Co-released by the following labels:

- Sentient Ruin (LP/tape/digital - US/One of my favorite labels) - Vendetta Records (LP - EU)
- I, Voidhanger Records (CD)
- Tartarus Records (tape - EU)
- Daymare Recordings (CD - Japan)

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Exmortus "The Sound of Steel"

   Exmortus is a band known for their ferocious technicality and strong heavy metal sound. Their music is what you would want playing as you ride through a bloody battlefield swinging your axe and chopping off some heads. The band’s new album, “The Sound of Steel,” is another  savage sounding release of shredding, headbanging and axe swinging metal music.

   “The Sound of Steel,” is the band’s fifth full-length album to date and is very much a continuation of what fans heard on, “Slave to the Sword,” and “Ride Forth,” which are the bands last two full-length releases. I honestly felt the band really started to establish themselves after the release of, “Slave to the Sword.” Around the time that album came out I saw them live and was blown away by their passion and musicianship. They have always been a hard working band and over the years they keep the pedal down by constantly touring. I think the new music is exactly what made me enjoy the previous releases and once again presents a heavy sound that features some brilliant musicianship.

   Singer/guitarist and founding member, Conan Gonzales is the only returning member on this album, so I was interested to hear how the band would sound after losing three out of the four members featured on the last two releases. I do believe Conan found some talented musicians to play on this new album and I hope they stick around for a bit. On bass Phillip Nunez does a solid job laying down some powerful bass lines, while Carlos Cruz is a monster behind the kit. Handling the second guitar duties, I think Chase Becker provides some exceptional guitar parts and adds to the band’s vicious thrash sound.

   In terms of songwriting, the band delivers plenty of battle themed hymns of heavy metal might. The opening song, “Make Haste,” is a fearsome strike of metal force to the ears with an intense thrash like composition. Conan’s vocals compliment the music quite well and the song’s overall production quality is rather impressive. I would say the song gets the job done as an opening track. Is this something new and ground breaking? Not really, however, Exmortus has found their niche and their sound and playing style is very consistent. The second track off the album, “Feast of Flesh,” really caught my attention, especially since the riffs and delivery of the music is extremely aggressive. Also, the lead guitar playing is exceptionally well done and does not go off into unnecessary directions by just shredding random notes without any thought.

   Other songs that stand out are, “Into the Maw of Hell,” “Strength and Honor,” and “Riders of Doom.” The music is extremely well written and you are able to hear the strong heavy metal talents each member possesses during these songs. The instrumental song on this album, “A Minor Instrumental,” is yet another phenomenal instrumental track by this band and probably my favorite song off the album. Exmortus is sort of known in the metal world for coming up with some amazing instrumental pieces and their cover of, “Moonlight Sonata (Act 3),” is one song that I still reference as a great heavy metal instrumental piece.

   In the end, I do believe fans of Exmortus will be pleased with how this album turned out. I do think the band’s lyrical content and themes are nothing new from what I have already heard on previous albums, but it happens to work well with their style of metal, so I can't complain too much. If you are looking for consistency, I do find Exmortus to be a band that shall deliver a solid shield smashing and skull crushing release from beginning to end. Plus, you can count on these guys to tour relentlessly when the new album drops. Just like barbarian hordes, Exmortus will ride forth from town to town unleashing heavy metal chaos leaving no hipsters alive…Okay, maybe that is a bit extreme, but this is heavy metal people!

Check out the video for "Feast of Flesh" below:

Monday, May 28, 2018

Woodswalk Release New Single “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”

    After a few years of silence, Woodswalk emerges from the dark misty forests of Sonoma County with a blistering piece of raw black metal music. “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap,” is an offering of extreme music that takes you on a journey through pathways of infinite darkness and melancholy sounding atmospheres.

    Teaming up with Cosmic Pyre Productions, Woodswalk’s new single is what looks to be the start of more releases to come from this new and promising label. I am honestly extremely pleased with Woodswalk returning and putting out some new music. I remember when I first heard the band’s song, “Death of Tuireann,” which is definitely more ambient and atmospheric. With the new single the band sort of transitions into a very raw black metal sound with plenty of dynamic riff compositions and an overall harsh sounding traditional black metal tone. I thought the vocals were well recorded and did a great job complementing the instrumental arrangements. Also, the recording quality I think was another strong point and allowed the music to be presented in such a vivid and commanding fashion. You feel drawn into this blizzard of guitar distortion while also being bombarded by the vicious sound of the drums. Production wise, this track is everything you want in a black metal recording and definitely stacks up with some of the top black metal releases to come out in the last couple years.

    In the end, “As You Sow, So Shall You Reap,” is a track that makes me want more from Woodswalk. So many black metal bands focus on trying to be evil with their imagery first that the songwriting ends up being very lack luster. There is a certain energy, talent and attitude Woodswalk delivers that I believe separates them from most of the other black metal bands around right now. I am looking forward to hopefully hearing more music from Woodswalk in the coming months and appreciate that there is a black metal band willing to put thought into their music, while still conveying a very raw and grim sound.

Listen to the new single below:

Woodswalk Facebook Page:

Cosmic Pyre Productions Facebook Page:

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Concert Review: Cinco De Metal

  Cinco De Mayo was transformed into Cinco De Metal Saturday night at the House of Rock in Santa Rosa, CA. Four local bands unleashed their extreme music making talents for an audience that was hellbent on hearing some raw and heavy hitting metal music.

   This would mark my first time seeing a show at the House of Rock and for the local metal scene, I thought that this was a great opportunity to lobby for more shows at this venue. The four bands billed: Mournful Cries, Oneiric Eclipse, Ancestors Wrath and Electric Funeral, really turned out to be a solid line-up. Right away though, I need to point out how the venue is extremely professional and the layout is quite impressive. There were video monitors that would show different shots of the bands while they performed and the lighting setup was unbelievably well done. The service that this venue provided made all these bands feel like real rockstars. I bet there were bowls with only brown M&M’s in the back for the artists!

  Taking the stage first was the power trio of doom, Mournful Cries, a band that knows how to hammer out some Iommi like riffs and conjure up wicked sounding jams of authentic doom. I thought band played a crushing set and music sounded extremely tight. Drummer Alex Hernandez was keeping the rhythm section moving strong and threw in some brilliant drum fills at times. Also, bassist Matt Lasserre played an important part in maintaining a heavy rhythmic backbone by thunderously striking his bass like a God of Thunder. Guitarist and singer Luis Olguin put on a strong show too and his guitar tone sounded like something you would hear back in the Vol. 4 days of Sabbath. Songs like “Sinners Pyre” and “Phantasmic Poising,” are such heavy riffing pieces of doom that I can’t wait to hear what they will sound like on a full-length release. From what started out as just a two man project has now turned into a determined trio of musicians playing on stages with video monitors. I tell you, hard work pays off!

Mournful Cries 

  After Mournful Cries finished, Oneiric Eclipse began setting up the stage for their ritual of raw and merciless grim sounding black metal. They brought out some candles and skulls to create a dark atmosphere that would compliment their style of harsh black metal. Standing on the side closest to the bass player, I was able to hear where this band offers a bit more than just raw straightforward black metal. His style of bass playing is not so one dimensional and he has a great prowess for adding fills when needed to inject some technicality into the music. The guitarist and singer did a solid job establishing that bleak and abysmal sounding atmosphere, while the drummer seemed to be playing with precision and not missing a beat. For their first show I think the band sounded really good and unlike some black metal bands, they were able to play a show without Antifa protesting them.

Oneiric Eclipse

  Third up was Ancestors Wrath, a band I would be seeing live for the first time. They were definitely channelling that 80’s thrash metal vibe with a vicious two guitar attack and their music kept the crowd banging their heads throughout the entire set. I thought the singer had outstanding stage presence and did a great job interacting with the audience. He would stick the mic into the crowd and people would actually sing along without forgetting the words. Overall their sound was tight and the songs sounded well written. If you enjoy kickass thrash metal that hits you right in the gut, I definitely recommend checking these guys out.

Ancestors Wrath 

  The final act of the night was, Electric Funeral, a Black Sabbath cover band from the local area. The singer in Electric Funeral, Lance Oskitzo, I have seen before with his other band Skitzo, so I was interested in hearing him tackle all these Sabbath songs. I think for the most part the band executed the cover songs rather well. Of course I have my favorite Sabbath songs, so hearing “Snowblind” and “Children of the Grave,” stood out the most to me. Observing some of the other folks in the crowd, I noticed people singing along word for word. The musicians looked confident playing the material and probably grew up listening to Sabbath to where playing these songs was like taking a trip down memory lane. Their set seemed be well received by the audience and Electric Funeral did a smashing job closing out the night, especially Lance using an air raid siren for their rendition of, “War Pigs.”

Electric Funeral 

  Once again, Sonoma County proves to be a place full of passionate metal bands and fans all celebrating extreme heavy music together. Also, House of Rock is an exceptionally well run venue to host a show. I do wish more local acts get the chance to play this venue, as I feel the people will show up and enjoy their experience. All you need is four crushing acts like the ones who played and you will have one massive heavy metal celebration!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Petrification “Hollow of the Void”

    When creating terrifying brutal old school sounding death metal you want a band that is going to put in that extra effort to really grab your attention with some corpse ripping riffs and demonic growls that sound like they are coming from some blasphemous world from beyond. Well, the Portland, OR based band, Petrification, is a band that I believe knows how to raise the extreme music making bar and their new music definitely travels into some utterly extreme sounding realms.

    Petrification’s debut album, “Hollow of the Void,” is an offering of pulverizing old school sounding death metal that echoes through the catacombs with pure unapologetic force. When Sentient Ruin sent me a promo copy of their first EP, “Summon Horrendous Destruction,” I could not believe how raw and bombastic the band sounded on each of those four songs. I felt like it was a mix of Benediction, Bolt Thrower and Swedish bands like Entombed and Dismember. The riffs provide a decimating sound while the vocals are presented in a truly gruesome and bellicose manner. Each track is simply a cataclysmic impact of old school death metal that from start to finish is very solid and very engaging.

    The songs on this new album are produced in a style that I feel really represents what this band is all about, and that is to unleash an undeniable onslaught of monstrous old school death metal. Also, the musicianship is at a certain level to where I think the band as a whole is able to construct these powerful and complete pieces of extreme music. Unlike some bands who play death metal and sort of live off their names being brutal, Petrification’s sound is without question some of the heaviest and most bone crushing music you will find around.

    I like how the album starts out with what sounds like an army of hungry spiders devouring a corpse in some dark remote cave and then decides to burst into one of the most ferocious sounding jams imaginable. The song “Arachne Exsanguine,” is massive assault of brutal riffs that provide a devastating impact of chord crushing aggression. Petrification’s vocalist is an extremely solid singer and I think he has an amazing delivery. The next song, “Technological Assimilation,” is a well written track and contains some strong thought provoking lyrics. This vocalist really steps up his game with the song’s vocal parts and I also thought the lead guitar playing was perfectly executed and recorded. Probably one of the top songs off the album and the music video they did for the song is also really impressive.

    When I reviewed the EP, “Summon Horrendous Destruction,” I remember really taking a liking to the title track and I am glad that the band decided to add it to the new album. You are instantly drawn into a dynamic sinister sounding realm of old school death metal and become possessed by the gruesome sounding guitar tone. Another solid track is, “Hymn of Chaos,” where the band belts out more seismic instrumental compositions while the vocalist maintains his unforgiving brutal presence. Also, I want to point out, “Devouring Abysm,” which keeps a very death doom like tone throughout the song by slowly hacking away at a ghastly sounding main riff. The drummer also delivers a strong performance by leading music into that dark and hellish world off extreme musical insanity.

    Overall, I thought Petrification did a tremendous job with their debut album, “Hollow of the Void.” There is definitely room for the band to take the music into more extreme and creative directions, but this is a great starting point, especially how they sounded on this release. Easily one of the strongest sounding up and coming death metal bands I have heard as of recent. Hell, offer these guys a chance to write a horror film and I think they would be able to come up with a concept more horrifying than the garbage Hollywood is currently putting in theaters.

Check out Petrification's video for “Technological Assimilation” below:

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Interview with Eric Lee from Hellbender

Hellbender is a Sonoma County based metal act that knows how to throw down some crushing riffs of nuclear sounding devastation. I have seen them live a few times and when writing concert reviews I always enjoyed describing their straight forward brand of hard hitting heavy metal. Finally the opportunity came up to interview a member from the band and talk all things Hellbender and learn a little more about the band. So here is an interview with their bass player Eric Lee...

     Hi Eric, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. After seeing Hellbender a few times over the last couple years and writing articles about some of those shows, it is great to talk with someone from the band. To begin I wanted to talk about the history of Hellbender. When did you guys first form? What sort of led to the formation of the band?         

Eric: Hey thanks for coming to our shows lol!! That was an awesome little intro there. Well, the band started to form back in 2011. My friend Clee, who plays guitar, and I have been friends since the 1970's back in 1st and 2nd grade at Grant elementary school in Petaluma. Over the years, we have played in many bands together such as Wingnut, Crimeseen and Porterhouse. We've been playing in the local music scene with those bands back to the late 1990's. So having done so many projects together we wanted to something new but heavier than anything we've done before. So myself on bass, Clee on guitar would jam in a little shack playing thrash metal with our first drummer Todd from the Heat Creeps. We played our first shows after we got Dollar Bill from Seeds of Hate, Indulgence, Bomb Squad! After a few jams Bill was sold and wanted in. We had our frontman!! He had an awesome resume of bands that he was in and myself and Clee had seen Bill perform before so we knew exactly what he was bringing to the table. We came up with the name Hellbender and played our first show at Spankys with The King Must Die at Quincys in Rohnert Park on Nov 1, 2011. We started playing shows around the North Bay as well as the rest of the Bay Area. We recorded and released our first demo Steel, Blood and Bone in March 2014. At that point, we really started to branch out with playing gigs down in LA. We got our second drummer, Matt McKill, to take over the drum throne around November 2014.  He would remain our drummer for the next 3 years, which he played on the Falling Down CD. Once our 2nd CD dropped, things really started to take off for us. We opened for Prong, one of my favorite bands.  We played more shows around the North Bay and the greater Bay Area. We were playing metal and people were digging it, so let's keep this going. We land a management deal with Distilled Entertainment, then WE GOT THE SUMMER TOUR WITH DESTRUCTION & WARBRINGER, HOOOOLLLLLY SHIIIIIIIITT!!! We learned a lot on that first tour and had a lot of fun, you know!! Made some great new connections with all those folks and really got out and played outside of California for the first time. I was a grown teenager living his dream playing metal on tour with a band I grew up listening to when I first started playing bass in 1982. Anyways, it was really a mind blown experience, I remember HUGGING Dollar bill in LA the last night on tour overlooking the SOLD OUT crowd, it was just surreal and inspirational as a lifelong musician. We ended last year, opening the Death Angel Christmas Show at Slims to finish the year off. All things aside, the new year brought change. So, low and behold,  we have changed drummers AGAIN.  We now have Tim Bailey on the kit. He used to play in Nuclear Rabbit for years and as well recently, Trinity Fallen. We wish Matt all the best but it was time to change. We found Tim luckily thru another mutual friend and we jumped at the chance to nail this guy as our drummer. We are very excited about what Tim brings to the table. We have several new songs in the works with him already. We played our first show with him a few weeks ago, in March at the Phoenix for Act of Defience. What a great first show it was super fun! Those guys shredded!!!

  Hellbender has been quite busy over the last few years and the band has played some killer shows and tours with acts like Death Angel and Destruction. Is there any show that stands out or any tour where you could not believe you were playing alongside a certain band?         

Eric: I actually just mentioned that, haha! But I'll go into more juicy details... the last show of the tour in LA, we played at the awesome Regent Theater. It was sold out! Line of kids down the block when we got there. By the time the doors opened, the theater started to fill up quick. We were the second band and when we hit the stage, we were playing in front of about 400+!!!People were headbanging, some even knew and were singing our songs!! Hell yes!! Everyone was pumped and it gave us an extra boost. And like I said before, at the end of the night, Bill and myself were standing up in the balcony watching Destruction overlooking the huge crowd of moshers, just going wild and I was just soaking it all in and loving every single moment of that night. Best Night of the Tour!!!! So cool.

  Now I wanted to discuss your album, “Falling Down,” which from my understanding is your most recent release. How do you feel about that release and what has the feedback been like? I really like the production of the songs and was wondering where you guys recorded the album? Also, how long did it take to record?                 

  Eric: Yes, it is our most recent release and we actually just put out a video of that song, directed by our good friend Mr. Mike Sloat. You can find it on our website “" Anyway, we recorded the drums at Zone Music with Nick Botelho in November 2015. In January and Feb. 2016 we did my bass tracks and Clee's guitars at our friend from Profits of Doom, Julian Kidd's home studio. Then, April and May 2016, Bill and I finished the main vocal and backing vocals, also with a little help on a few songs from Ken Calmer of Outrage. Nick then mixed it in June/July and we released that in August 2016, jeez... seems so long ago. Two songs were previously on our first CD, Steel, Blood & Bone, but we decided it was worth redoing. And there is a surprise song on there, if you didn't already know, haha since it's been out for 2 years. Yeah, we did Live Wire. So there's actually 8 songs, even though we list 7!  Marketing genius!!! Also, we didn't want to pay Motley Crue, they get enough royalties,  haha! We have been extremely excited about the overall outcome of the record. We spent a lot of time on that record. The production was amazing working with Nick and Julian was super fun. We wanted to take our time and make a record that people enjoyed and I think we achieved that. I was really excited about the drum, guitar and bass tones we got. Also, the vocal production was pretty fuckin' brutal as well, We were all very pleased with the overall production and sound that we got on this record. You put it on and it just slams you in the fuckin' face!! That's what we were going for, so yes we are extremely happy with the outcome of this record!

  Being involved in the Sonoma County Metal Community, what have you noticed over the last fews years? Are more young bands coming through and do you feel like the scene is beginning to really grow?

  Eric: Yeah, we definitely feel that the scene has been growing over the last few years. It's not like it was in the 1990's when you could pack the Phoenix on a weekend. BUT, it seems like people are coming out more and more to shows now. There's a lot of great local bands out there! Skitzo hello, been ruling the scene since the 1980's. Other bands like ourselves, The King Must Die, Trial by Combat and Profits of Doom (also, Oden's Sun) and Aberration have all been making noise around Sonoma County. Ernest who runs the Sonoma County Metal and Hardcore has been the one who gets the National acts to come play in our local venues and that's really been a game changer. Now, bands like Soulfly, Dying Fetus, Prong and  Black Dahlia Murder want to come play in our backyard. This also brings opportunity not only for ourselves but also for younger bands like Trecelence, Incredulous and some others to get out there and play in front of a crowd of friends. So, yes, the scene is growing and it's awesome. Keep going to local shows folks, it's better then sitting on the couch all night. haha! Get out and get your Metal!!

    So I wanted to maybe get a little more background info on how you became a metal maniac and was wondering what were some of the bands who influenced you growing up? Being a bass player who were some of your favorite bass players?     

  Eric: I was 13 and went to see my first metal show, which was Iron Maiden & Scorpions at the Oakland Arena. Holy crap, that opened my eyes, I was front row about 10 feet from Steve Harris playing his bass like a freakin' maniac, wow these guys are badass. So I went and bought my first bass in 1982. Then, my first thrash show was SLAYER and Death Angel at the Stone in 1983'sh. Death Angel came out and killed everyone, but Slayer was just awe-inspiring. At the time, growing up a teenager in this area, we started listening to the first demos from Death Angel, Exodus, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer. It was a great time for metal, also European bands like Kreator, Destruction, Venom and Mercyful Fate were also huge in my listening collection in the early '80s. Some of my favorite players are too many to mention but the big ones for me would be, for sure Steve Harris, Gene Simmons, Tom Araya, Rex Brown, Les Claypool and of course the man, Geezer F'n Butler.

Eric Lee with Chris Broderick 

    I always like asking this question because some of the shows people come up with sound unbelievably awesome. If you could book a show with three bands along with your own, who would you like to see Hellbender share the stage with for one night?

  Eric: Damn bro, ok, great question there. Thousands of bands come to mind of course, but, if there's any chance to make it happen, this would be amazing. Because they are 2 newer bands compared to old school thrash bands. And they are 2 bands that are the next ones to take over the throne after Slayer leaves. Come to think of it they were the 2 bands that I saw open the Slayer on the Christ Illusion Tour.  That would be LAMB OF GOD & MASTODON. When we started this band, those were 2 bands that were very influential in our development of our sound. Not that we wanted to copy them, but we wanted something new and something we hadn't done before. And both bands we love!! That one show would have to be at Budokan, Japan to a sold out crowd, oh man that would be so fucking' epic!!! Maybe someday Hellbender will tour Japan, sky is the limit my friend, haha!!!

    What can we expect next from Hellbender and what are some goals you have for the band in these coming months? 

  Eric: Summer is here and the time is right, to play some killer shows baby!! We have the Cinco De Mayo Slayer-bration @Spanky's, paying tribute to one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Dollar Bill, Timmy and myself will be playing a few Slayer tunes that night along with some other local musicians. We also have some shows coming up with East Bay thrashers Hand of Fire and Cultural Warfare. Maybe play some Sacramento and San Francisco shows. There's also talk of doing some more LA/San Diego shows, anything is possible with us. Hellbender is always looking for new opportunities and markets to crack into, within reason of course. We are not looking to go on the road for 6 weeks or anything like that. That would be nice but it's not realistic for us. Since we have to work to make money, touring is not cheap or easy. It's hard to do, and costs a lot of money, A LOT!!! So, we just spreading our wings as much as we can, do interviews like this and just trying to get our name out to the Metal Community!! We know you are out there!! haha!! So, we are also write new tunes for what will become our 3rd record, which will hopefully come out by the end of the year?... But I'm not making any promises because there is still a lot of work to be had! Henceforth, we shall bestow upon thee most brutal and in your face metal that we can deliver!... Sorry, I sometimes bust out in Old English banter!! Anyways, we are really excited to be working with Timmy our new drummer who has a ton of experience. We set the bar high for ourselves with Falling Down and our plan is to crush that last record! Things are coming together for us, so we are excited about starting that process of recording when we are armed and ready for it!!

  Well Eric, once again thanks for taking the time to do this interview and look forward to seeing you guys live again down the road!

Eric: Yes, thanks again for this opportunity. Hellbender is excited for the new year and really wanting to get a new record out again because music makes the world go 'round! We will continue to play around Sonoma County as well as the greater Bay Area, so watch our page for show announcements, live updates, videos, etc but also check out our website & Remember to kick back with some friends, crack a beers, spark up a fattie and crank some mother F'ing HELLBENDER!!!!!!! Rock On!!!!

Hellbender Facebook: