Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Cemetery Filth Song "Exhumed Visions"

    Cemetery Filth delivers that old school death metal filth and fury with their new track, “Exhumed Visions.” The Southeast USA based band offers up a gruesome sounding taste of what is to come and looks to be quite busy out on the road.

    Starting later this month Cemetery Filth is going to be touring with Church of Disgust around the eastern side of the United States. Also, the new demo song, “Exhumed Visions,” will be featured on a split tour promo tape that will be sold at the shows. With plans to release their debut full-length album in spring of 2019, the new song is an impressive preview of the ultimate brutality and casket crushing sound that this band can conjure up in the studio.

    I remember when I first heard them on the four band compilation album “Four Doors to Death” released through Unspeakable Axe Records, which was an all around exceptional release. After hearing Cemetery Filth’s two tracks on that album, I was instantly drawn to their sinister sounding style of old school death metal. The new track, “Exhumed Visions,” features some vicious old school sounding riffs along with some pulverizing drum parts. I find the songwriting and vocal delivery to be extremely well thought out and keeps you completely engaged from beginning to end. If this is just a small sample of what is to come, I cannot wait to hear what else the band has in store for fans when they drop their debut full-length album.

    With so many death metal bands putting together generic and sloppy sounding releases, Cemetery Filth brings old school death metal substance and the promise of a morbid sounding future of extreme musical terror. Definitely try to catch them on their upcoming tour with Church of Disgust as the shows shall be great gatherings of pure death metal insanity. In a world full of obnoxious and forgettable sounding music (Particularly that indie rock hipster bullshit that come from the Bay Area), we need Cemetery Filth to summon horrendous destruction and to open up the gateways of extreme sounding annihilation!

Check out the new song below!

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  1. They're amazing! Should be playing this on Liquid Metal.