Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sepulchre Releases New Single "Iniquitous Indiscipline”

    The Santa Rosa based death metal trio, Sepulchre, conjures up a brand new single so insidious sounding that you are left speechless after listening to the brutal onslaught. Recorded for a Sonoma County Metal and Hardcore Compilation, the new single, “Iniquitous Indiscipline,” contains some dynamic extreme compositions that convey an unforgiving overall sound of vicious death metal.

    Unlike some bands who just stick to the basic death metal formula, Sepulchre explores more progressive structures to incorporate into their blistering style of extreme music. Every second of this new single keeps you engaged and succumbing to the extreme realm of mind bending brutal guitar riffs, wicked bass parts and ear shattering drumming. The vocal presentation is another area that took me by surprise and you hear a strong delivery similar to that of bands such as Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death and Entombed. The music just hits you with such tremendous force that you really want to keep listening to this song over and over again.

    I have seen this band live on multiple occasions and I feel that, “Iniquitous Indiscipline,” finally captured their distinct savage and raw style of technical death metal. They are a creative bunch of musicians who are extreme metal fanatics, so I know that they have plenty more to offer the world of extreme music. I really would like to see a full-length album soon, but in the meantime I can listen to this song until they are ready to begin work on a full-length release. Definitely check it out if you are fan of old school death metal with a progressive mindset.

Check out the new single below via their bandcamp:

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