Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Element "Dusk"

    Fans of progressive metal and impressive cinematic music videos might want to check out what The Element is doing right now. The American based band’s new single, “Dusk,” is burst of intense sounding metal with a technical flare that provides the most optimal soundtrack for the new music video.

    “Dusk,” which is the first single off their upcoming album, “From Sand-Part II,” is just the beginning of what these metal musicians have in store for fans. Their upcoming album will be produced and mixed by the well respected heavy metal producer, Jens Borgen, who has done work for bands like Arch Enemy, Symphony X, Paradise Lost and Devin Townshend. The music video for “Dusk” was shot by, Tommy Merry, who seems to know how to capture the essence of a song through film.

    All around The Element demonstrates great promise with “Dusk” and the track is a strong first single. The main guitar riff delivers an impactful punch while the keyboard provides a haunting atmospheric touch at times. There are a variety of creative compositions and dynamic arrangements throughout the entire song. Also, the vocals were well recorded to really compliment the instrumental compositions. I personally enjoyed the guitar and keyboard solo section which is very reminiscent to that of Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Dream Theater and Rhapsody.

    In the end, if you are a fan of progressive metal and are looking for a band that does not cheaply throw something together, you need to check out The Element and their new single. I was quite impressed with the recording quality which I hope the band maintains on their upcoming album. Usually with prog metal I find bands get carried away with showing off how complex and technical they can write music. The Element stands out because they provide a solid balance of technicality and songwriting skills. Check out the video for the song below and you can buy the track via iTunes, Google Play, Beats, Amazon and CD Baby. Support the artist if you like their music!

The Element "Dusk" :

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