Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Classic Review: Night Demon "Debut EP"

"With the current news of Night Demon's second full-length album, "Darkness Remains," which is to be released in April, I decided to reflect upon the band's debut EP. I was sent the EP for review back in 2013 when the band had teamed up with Shadow Kingdom Records for its release. At that time my friend Yuvraj "The Master" Singh and I ran a website called "Rock and Metal Zone." Unfortunately, we no longer run that website and the review I published back in 2013 is no longer available. However, after doing some searching through old documents on my computer, I found the original Night Demon EP review from 2013. So, I have decided to re-publish the article as a reflection of the band's past history and to remind readers how their hard wok has led to even more opportunities. I never would have thought back in 2013 that this band would have two full-length albums and done countless tours by 2017. The last four years have been exciting watching Night Demon continue to rise and I can't wait for what the band has to offer next!" 

  "Back during the late seventies and early eighties the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was on the rise. The music that those bands created would leave an everlasting impact on future metal groups from all around the world.

    Night Demon is a trio from Ventura, CA with that great NWOBHM sound. The bands who influenced them can definitely be heard on this four song EP. When listening to Night Demon I hear influences ranging from Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Raven, early Iron Maiden, and at times Motörhead.

    Vocally, the singer in Night Demon offers his own distinct vocal style that is melodic yet still extremely powerful. I find his vocal presentation to be very consistent along with his bass playing. The guitar playing demonstrated on this EP is exceptionally well done and at times the lead guitar playing is extremely creative with a fierce sounding tone. The guitarist sounds like he is taking Iron Maiden and Diamond Head riffs and incorporating his own style to create really heavy fast paced classic NWOBHM like riffs that can melt your face off. The drummer in Night Demon comes up with some solid crushing rhythms and he is the one making the songs groove with tremendous force. All three musicians are extremely talented and together come up with some great material.

    Now, like most groups who have been influenced by the NWOBHM, Night Demon’s lyrics are fairly constrained to the usual dark themes about pure evil, death, the occult, and unholy rituals where someone gets it. Still these guys come up with four great original tracks where the lyrics work well with the overall music. The first song on this EP is the actual name of the band… “Night Demon.” To me this song is Night Demon’s manifesto describing to the metal world who they are and what they have to offer. Right away a catchy galloping riffs starts taking form and throws the listener into Night Demon’s intense Heavy Metal world.

     Song number two “The Chalice” is my favorite song on this album because the dark pounding guitar parts do a great job complimenting the sinister lyrics. The song sounds like impending doom which keeps me fully engaged until the music stops. Track number three “Ancient Evil” reminds me of early Iron Maiden where the palm muted galloping guitar riff dictates the song’s structure. The drums and bass hold down the rhythm section to give the guitarist a chance to throw in some killer licks. The last song “Ritual” sounds a bit like the first song, with an intense fast paced guitar riff at the beginning. I find the main riff in “Ritual” to be extremely catchy along with the chorus.

    After listening to these four songs I think Night Demon’s EP demonstrates true Heavy Metal talent and allows people a chance to preview a band with hopefully more great music to come. The songwriting and musicianship is very consistent on this EP. Of course Night Demon is one of many metal groups who are playing this classic sounding NWOBHM style, but with their consistency I believe that Night Demon will standout amongst the other groups.

    Again, this is an EP so we are still waiting for Night Demon to give us a full-length release to make a complete judgment. However, the EP is extremely solid and contains some of the best metal music I have heard this year. Definitely worth checking out and I highly recommend it for all those leather jacket NWOBHM fans wishing they could take a time machine back to the 1980s."

Here is an interview I did with Jarvis Leatherby from Night Demon for my radio show shortly after I reviewed the EP. Once again, it is important to stress that hard work and dedication will help you grow as an artist and I have always respected Jarvis for the effort he puts into his music and for how he treats his fellow metal maniacs:

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  1. Where did the time go?
    They prove hard work, dedication & being smart pays off in long run. Music is great. Mason LOVES them.