Friday, December 9, 2016

Nachtzeit "Sagor I Natten"

    Some individuals are able to demonstrate tremendous creativity and talent when crafting black metal music. Nachtzeit is one of those individuals who has been very active in the black metal community with a history of solid work.

    I mainly know him for the music he has created in his atmospheric black metal band, Lustre, where he plays all the instruments and writes all the music. He also has this other project simply called, Nachtzeit, and has an EP called, “Sagor I Natten,” that will be coming out later this month through Nordvis Produktion. The new EP will be a follow-up to the debut EP he released last year for the project called, “Där Föddes en Längtan”. Compared to Lustre, this new music is more traditional style black metal and strays away from the atmospheric black metal world. Plus, the songs on the EP are definitely shorter than the tracks he writes for Lustre. I would compare the EP's recording sound to early Burzum, Darkthrone and even the first Summoning album. The riffs convey a very distorted and grim frost bitten sound to compliment the vocals.

    Nachtzeit offers four tracks on this EP that are solid in form and express a similar sounding theme. “Ett Fjärran Minne,” begins the album with a burst of distortion and is quickly joined by the screams of black metal torment that cut through the haunting curtain of noise. I am very impressed by the overall sound and find the recording of each instrument to compliment the music Nachtzeit wrote for this EP. Track number two, “De Färdas Genom Natten,” continues the first song’s overall atmosphere and formula. The drumming provides the perfect backbone for the guitar to conjure an extreme sounding world of sinister distorted notes.

    Taking a quick break from the black metal assault, track number three, “Över Myr Och Mark,” is a more cinematic sounding piece that you might hear as a build-up to a major battle. I enjoyed the brief change in sound and thought it helped make the lead-up to the final song more epic. Finishing off the album, “Där Allting Har Sin Början,” leaves listeners with yet another grim and cold piece of music. I think this was my favorite track on the EP, but overall each song makes for one consistent sounding listening experience.

  If you want straight forward black metal riffs and drumming with the echoes of harsh black metal vocals providing the perfect touch... then you should check out this release. I think it is great that Nachtzeit can step out from the Lustre world and offer the black metal community something a bit different. There are plenty of bands who play traditional style black metal, however, Nachtzeit seems to have the recording sound down along with the songwriting skills. Just another strong release from a talented black metal musician.

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