Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Putrid "The Triumph of Impurity"

    I am quite familiar with the black metal band Putrid and unlike my run-ins with certain black metal groups who I have reviewed in the past, there is no controversy when I have done reviews for Putrid. Coming from Lima, Peru, the band is one of the areas premier extreme acts that is really creating some sinister old school black metal with some gruesome touches of old school death metal. Their full-length release, “The Triumph of Impurity,” once again calls upon the spirits of the dark world to help unleash extreme chaos with each of the album’s ten tracks. 

    Now, after reviewing bands for about four years, the Latin American metal community has offered up some great sounding groups with Putrid being one of them. For some reason their passion for extreme metal music vividly comes out on their recordings and sounds well produced. Unlike some North America metal acts who literally throw some things together so they can go around painting their faces and holding upside down crosses, Putrid puts the work into writing solid sounding songs and then probably focuses on their stage image. It is easy to look black metal, but creating good quality black metal is a whole different story. Also, Putrid incorporates some other extreme elements into their music which I think gives their sound an extra boost of diverse sounding blasphemy. 

    Some of the tracks on here I have already heard since they were on previous EP/demo releases from the band. The opening track, “Alive In Decay,” is from their EP, “Proclaim the Pest,” which I reviewed. However, the sound is noticeably different in my opinion and compared to the earlier more raw sounding recording, the production on this new version sounds more bold and has a very old school death metal style in the presentation. I really like how the drums were recorded which I can say is heard throughout this new album. The blast beats are extremely intense and help push the song into a very dark and morbid sounding world of instrumental expression. The vocals sound louder too with more of a vicious bite at times. Track two, “Desekrator,” is another song that seems to have been given some new life and the intro sounds similar to the intro of Morbid Angel’s, “Chapel of Ghouls.” Putrid of course steers the music into a more primitive and straightforward style of extreme musicianship. 

    Songs like “Unholy Catacombs,” and “Pentamorphic Maze Asylum,” seem to explode into a chaotic sounding wave of blast beats and demonic sounding riff arrangements. You can hear grindcore influences at times, because the music really does burst out of nowhere and maintains a very adrenaline pumping tempo. Track five “Gehenna,” is just over the top double bass pounding and cymbal smashing to where the band is almost drowned out by the drumming. I really liked, “The Morbid Raids,” and “What Preys On These Ruins,” because Putrid develops such an unholy raw sounding tone with the music. Closing the album is the song, “Triumph,” which I remember from one of their previous recordings and I do like the cadaver ripping guitar riff that compliments the tormented sounding growls from the band’s singer. 

    Wrapping up this review, I liked how the songs from previous releases that were put on this album sounded in my opinion more full in sound and were well recorded. I think Putrid put some hard work into, “The Triumph of Impurity,” and they have a lot to build off of for their next release. The extreme music they are creating is nothing that has not been attempted before, but the quality and sound that they have is really impressive. This is some passionate black metal and old school death metal worship which proves that the Peruvian underground metal scene is something more metal fans should be checking out. 

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