Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sewercide "Immortalized in Suffering"

    Venomous snakes and man-eating saltwater crocodiles, are just a couple things that make Australia one brutal place to live. Adding to the brutality is the Melbourne based death metal band, Sewercide. You want a shot of kick ass adrenaline pumping old school death metal? Well, their debut full-length release, “Immortalized in Suffering,” is definitely the answer. 

    Teaming up with Unspeakable Axe Records, Sewercide perfectly compliments the label’s desire to be one of metal’s most extreme and solid independent labels around. The band has been active since 2011 and it seems after putting out a fair amount of demos and splits, the group is ready to introduce listeners to a full-length album that destroys from top to bottom. Their style of death metal falls into the old school worship category and I hear strong Morbid Angel influence along with Hate Eternal, Deicide and Pestilence. If anything, they play it safe and stick to face smashing death metal and leave all that progressive stuff to the bands who want to peruse that path of extreme music making. Honestly, I do enjoy their consistency, but I would say that Sewercide is not trying to rearrange the death metal formula. Is that good, is that bad...who cares, their riffs are aggressive and the vocals sound as if they were recorded in the tombs of cursed warlords. 

    Kicking the album off is the track, “For Those About to Rot.” The band lays down a vicious riff that features wicked palm muted chord progressions, while the double bass smashing rhythm from their drummer crushes across the musical landscape. I also really dig the gruesome old school death metal vocals that in my opinion captures the classic Florida death metal sound. “A Dying Dream,” is the album’s second track and maintains the brutal sound that you heard on the first track. They even throw in this short bluesy sounding riff that sounds like the footsteps of Cthulhu walking towards a town that will shortly be leveled to the ground. Track three, “Snares of Carnality,” features more slamming guitar parts and the instrumental arrangements sound well thought out. 

    There are some bands I have reviewed that seriously need to stop trying to play fast and focus on coming up with solid sections that can transition without sounding like a gigantic ball chaotic distortion. Sewercide’s level of musicianship and their solid songwriting abilities will really attract listeners who are tired of hearing piss pour death metal recordings. Some other good tracks I want to mention are “Interlude in Agony,” “Megalithic Tomb,” and “Eternal (In Spirit). “Interlude in Agony,” is just a creepy short piano piece that serves as an intermission before listeners are given more brutal cuts of old school. Probably my favorite song on the album, “Megalithic Tomb,” just annihilates with sheer unapologetic force. 

   When all is said and done and Sewercide is all out extreme riffs, you can’t deny their passion for making old school style death metal music. I think there is still more for them to offer and I believe they are on the right path. Also, I would not want to hear them become too experimental and think their old school worship style is rather enjoyable. All they need to do is just keep consistently pumping out monumental sounding tracks of brutality and the headbanging maniacs shall be drawn to their music like crocodiles to raw meat. 

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