Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: "Conjurations Upon the Impending Demise"

    Although people may come from different countries, the passion for extreme music can be a great unifying factor. Titled, “Conjurations Upon the Impending Demise,” this nine song split features two bands who happen to be from different countries, but play a similar style of unforgiving extreme music. Impure Consecration from Southern California and Putrid from Lima Peru, team up for one sinister ritual of riffs, blast beats and tormented growls from the crypts of eternal darkness. 

    The brutality and extreme raw aggression that comes from both bands is quite impressive in the sense that their extreme music worship vividly stands out during each track. Compared to the gimmicky bands who just play the same chord progressions song after song and poorly throw in some exaggerated death growls in an attempt to portray themselves as bad ass satanic mothers, both bands on this split come up with clever compositions that contain solid extreme metal elements. 

    Kicking off the split is, Impure Consecration, who I had not heard of before being sent this release. After listening to the first song and being reminded of certain old school extreme acts who took metal down a more intense and unforgiving path, I became instantly interested in their music. “Succumb to Impurity Fire,” begins with a crushing mid-tempo riff and then explodes into a chaotic frenzy of blast beats. The singer delivers a blasphemous sounding vocal style to present the lyrics. 

    Track number two from Impure Consecration, “Apparitions of a Malevolent Spirit,” was hard to make out at times due to how the recording sounded. I think the guitars should have been recorded louder since there were a few solos that I wanted to hear which sounded really well played. Same thing with track number three, “Grave Maledict.” The band has some really enjoyable sounding brutal old school style riffs that could maybe use a different recording quality. I understand the desire to have this harsh raw underground sound, but Impure Consecration is one of those bands who does not need to cover up their lack of talent by using a poor recording quality. The last two tracks that are live recordings of the band, happened to be my favorites. I could hear the instruments better and thought the live energy from their performance was well captured in the recordings. 

    The last four songs on the split come from one of my favorite up and coming black metal acts, Putrid. These guys are part of the growing underground extreme music is scene in South America and perfectly conjure that classic black metal spirit in their music. The first unholy sounding piece from them, “The Crown of Damnation,” is a simple yet scorching cut of musical terror. Putrid’s singer adds to the malevolence by unleashing some gruesome sounding growls that would strike fear in the heart of any priest. “Tearing Souls Apart,” continues the speed picking riff attack while, “What Preys on These Ruins,” gives off a very early Morbid Angel like sound. There are these bursts of bombastic noise that come from the drummer and guitarist to seriously wake up the listener. “Impalement Rituals,” finishes up the extreme ride of musical chaos by laying down some skull crushing compositions. Once again, Putrid unlocks the sounds of the damned to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of extreme music. 

    To wrap it up, you have two solid extreme acts that don’t mess around and simply convey a brutal style of music. Impure Consecration and Putrid are two bands I strongly recommend checking out. “Conjurations Upon the Impending Demise,” is a split for all fans of extreme music which can be used to wake up evil spirits from dark abysses... or more music to wake up your non-metal loving neighbors. 

Preview Song: Impure Consecration "Apparitions of a Malevolent Spirit" 

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