Thursday, February 25, 2016

Necroskin "Before Chaos Takes You"

    I don’t know what it is about the Palermo extreme music scene, but there have been some solid acts to come out in the last few years. Adding to the list is Necroskin, a brutal death metal band with an unapologetic musical attitude. Taking from old school influences and just unleashing devastation upon the world of metal, the group has put together an appropriately titled release, “Before Chaos Takes You.” 

     The group formed around March of last year and this release is the first official offering that can be heard by the metal listeners from across the globe. Consisting of Gabriele Mazzola (vocalist), Diego Gore Zimmardi (guitarist), Andrea Conti (bassist), Valerio Sandman (drummer), the group uses their musical talents and enjoyment of death metal to create some vicious sounding recordings. Necroskin all around is able to capture the brutality of bands such as Hate Eternal and Suffocation, while incorporating some extreme technicality. You truly get this solid balance of heaviness and technique, which is important for them to continue as they write more music. 

    The demo starts out with the guitarist skillfully picking through different guitar chords. This very soothing piece is shortly annihilated by a sinister growl to begin the next track, “Universal Implosion.” The guitars come in and lay down a mean sounding riff that has a wicked groove and develops into a blitzkrieg of trem picking. The drumming adds extra force to the bombastic musical landscape with a raw recording quality. I felt like the guitar solo could have been captured a bit better, or the guitarist could have experimented more with different effects pedals. However, the solo itself definitely added something extra to the song and played an important part in the overall piece. 

    Necroskin cleverly incorporated a variety of tempos and riff structures into their songs on this release. I was really taken back by the slow sludgy riff on “Three is the Perfect Death.” The bass and guitar were unfathomably brutal. Track 4, “Family Remains,” in my opinion took on some more grindcore elements and the vocal style Gabriele used had a black metal quality to it at times which I felt complimented the intense instrumental compositions. The following song, “Open Yourself for Chaos,” turned out to be the band’s vicious musical statement and showed their potential as creators of unforgiving extreme music. Next song, “237 (redrum)," starts out with an audio clip from the movie, “The Shining.” After the audio clip, the band hammers out a gory sounding riff that is more extreme than that scene from “The Shining” where the blood is flowing down the hotel halls. 

     For the band’s first release that they self-recorded, I was quite impressed with what Necroskin had to offer up. Their passion for extreme music can be heard on each song and hopefully they keep moving forward by writing more gruesome pieces of death metal music. From the unholy sounding riffs, the rapid drumming and then of course the earsplitting growls, open yourself to chaos and check out Necroskin! 

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  1. Great review Robby. Not a huge fan of growling, but Gabriele is really good! Also, a cool dude.