Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Album Review: Flight "Self-Titled"

    Turn on that warm vintage amp and start cranking out the riffs of epic metal triumph. Once you here the first song on Flight’s self-titled debut release, you feel as though you are stepping back in time to the seventies metal years where bands like Black Sabbath, early Judas Priest, Pentagram, Captain Beyond and a whole bunch of other groups were making some killer recordings.

    Based out of Norway, these musicians really know how to simply rock. They have a sweet twin guitar attack that is very noticeable on each track. I mean, the guitar parts are thoughtfully incorporated for maximum epic musical landscapes. The bass player and drummer create these jamming rhythms that make the listener feel as though they are soaring over a sea of harmonious ripping classic metal. Also, the singer’s voice really fits in well with the instrumental compositions. The bands lyrics are another area where listeners will be impressed by how the band is able to create this spiritual classic hard rocking world that deviates from the usual themes of which the metal world has become accustomed to these days.

    The opening track, “Flight,” is a splendid introduction to the band and takes listeners away with its hard hitting guitar chords and melodic vocals. Flight's balance of heavy riffs and fluid rhythms creates this portal that opens the mind and allows listeners to fall into this world of rocking wonder. “Lion’s Den,” was another track from the album that I enjoyed. The piece begins with a soft acoustic chord strumming progression and then develops into a catchy distorted riff presentation. As I said before, the bass player and drummer work great together and their tight sound definitely caught my ear during this song.

    Track number four, “Don’t Lose It,” throws listeners back in time to the late seventies and early eighties by incorporating some smashing harmonic lead guitar licks. The overall sound is similar to that of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal period, so fans of early Iron Maiden and Saxon will be in for a treat. “Nightrider,” an instrumental piece was by far my favorite track on the album. Galloping riffs and rapid drum parts construct this fantastic instrumental tale. I have not heard too many solid classic sounding metal instrumentals in the last couple years from new bands, so hearing Flight’s ability to create wonder without words was in my opinion the album’s highest selling point. “Memories Sharp,” “Escape” and “Devil Woman” were the final three tracks on the album and all sound strong until the last note.

    I think Flight put together a great debut release worth checking out if you want to hear a young band transporting the classic metal sound to the modern day. Why not revisit the past by trying to achieve a killer classic sound? If people are still fans of all those classic metal and hard rock bands, then they might be able to recognize the potential of a young band following in the footsteps of the old guard by creating their original pieces to turn up on the vinyl turn table. It shall be interesting and exciting to see how Flight continues to develop their sound in the future, but for now just enjoy this album's cruise control set classic metal vibe.

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