Thursday, September 10, 2015

Scale the Summit "V"

    Without lyrics, a band must use their instruments to craft vivid musical landscapes for listeners to lose themselves in a world of constant creative wonder. Scale the Summit seems to have a reputation for creating magnificent instrumental progressive rock pieces, and it definitely shows on their fifth album.

    These musicians are well recognized among the progressive rock and metal community for their highly talented musicianship. All of them are knowledgeable music makers who know how to compose a piece while fully utilizing their special talents. I personally did not find out about the band until their last release, “The Migration.” Unfortunately, I only listened to a few songs from that album and seemed to not follow the band very often. However, after listening to their new album, “V,” I am definitely going to listen to their past releases and try to keep more up to date with the band.

    Scale the Summit has awakened my inner appreciation for progressive rock and reminded me what endless splendor the genre still can offer. I am fan of older acts like Rush, Yes, early Genesis and Dream Theater, so hearing a modern metallic approach to progressive rock is very refreshing. I also want to make note that Scale the Summit is one of the few bands I have heard in a while who really pays attention to the recording of their music. They make sure that the vibrant qualities of each note ring out to perfection when presenting a piece of music on this album.

    All the songs on “V” are exceptional musical achievements and I find myself having a hard to determining which one is my favorite. The album just flows from beginning to end without any boring moments. Of course, this album is for a fan who appreciates progressive instrumental rock, so any fans of simple type rock and metal might want to be careful, or else their heads might explode. The opening track, “The Winged Bull,” begins as if one was floating across an ocean while the guitar and bass riffs slowly build up in the background. The drums come into the picture with excellent timing and the different directions that the guitar parts go off in is a great example of guitar dynamics.

    Tracks two and three, “Soria Moria” and “Pontus Euxinus,” continue the progressive instrumental drive of creative joy. I really enjoyed the bass lines on “Soria Moria,” that added a noticeable kick to the piece. “Trapped in Ice,” really grabbed my attention with the quicker paced intro riffs and the song features some fluid leads.

    Another track I want to mention is, “The Isle of Mull.” The music starts out with this bizarre science fiction themed noise and then the guitar player makes his presence known by playing through different scales. The last song I shall make note of is, “Oort Cloud.” I might be able to argue that this is my favorite song on the album, because I always start listening to album by going to this track first. I am simply amazed by the song’s soothing progressive rock atmosphere. Scale the Summit masterfully constructs the music with great attention to detail and the instrumental imagination is extremely vast.

    Any fan of progressive instrumental rock will be taken away by Scale the Summit’s, “V.” These musicians are unbelievable at times when playing on this album. The dedication to making such challenging and dynamic compositions is what helps allow Scale the Summit to standout in the world of rock music. The future of progressive music looks to be going strong as bands like Scale the Summit keep reaching new musical heights with each new release.

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  1. Great review.
    I encourage others to checkout their video 'Stolas'.