Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ramming Speed "No Epitaphs"

    The high adrenaline punk thrash sound of Ramming Speed hits with full force on their new album, “No Epitaphs.” These musicians are fully committed to melting listener’s speakers with vicious punk/metal music and the band’s third full-length release is no exception to that rule.

    Ramming Speed have been recording and touring relentlessly for some years now. This new album lets listeners know that the band is on the attack again, so people better be awake for the hellish assault! I would argue to say that Ramming Speed has increased their aggression with this new release. Each of the eleven new songs contains a bountiful amount of musical diversity. I think listeners will be impressed to hear slamming punk rhythms with sinister thrash riffs and epic classic metal like leads thrown in here and there.

    Right from the get go, Ramming Speed unleashes a bombastic opening track called, “No Forgiveness in Death.” As the song builds up into a heavy punk thrash sounding titan, the band uses some catchy lead guitar playing to add a triumphant edge. The song hooked me right away and could possibly one of the best opening tracks off of an album that I have heard in the last few years. The following song, “Choke Holds and Bullet Holds,” continues to pound away at heavy punk and metal compositions of brutal proportions. 

    Ramming Speed’s lyrics are really strong political statements which can definitely be heard on songs like, “Beasts of Labor” and “Don’t Let This Stay Here.” They capture the rebellious and thought provoking spirit of punk, but know how to break the speakers with a heavy metal punch. “Don’t Let This Stay Here,” being one of my favorites and a good example of the band’s dynamic punk thrash riff arrangements.

    Other tracks that displayed each of these musicians’ solid talents were: “Walls,” “Break in The Chain” and “Horns of War.” I especially enjoyed the thunderous chord striking during the song, “Walls.” The band’s energy surged at top speed as they ripped through the entire piece. Also, I think the way that guitars were recorded added to the aggressive overall tone. The final song on the album, “Momentary Masters,” keeps the heavy punk thrash celebration going and features some more epic lead guitar parts.

    Besides for a few track that played a very safe punk and thrash sound, the band was mostly knocking out home runs on this album. “No Epitaphs,” might be my favorite Ramming Speed release to date. These guys took their music into a new realm of fierce instrumental aggression and lyrical expression. I think any fan of punk and thrash needs to check this album out, or face missing some killer songs. Ramming Speed sure does not need any epitaphs anytime soon as they show no signs of slowing down, or losing their extreme musical nature.

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