Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Putrid "Proclaim the Pest"

   Hailing from Lima, Peru, Putrid is a band that takes listeners on a chaotic ride through extreme instrumental landscapes and then drags them into an unholy dominion of musical hell.

    I have noticed that after reviewing Morbid Slaughter’s most recent album for this blog, Peru seems to have a strong underground extreme music scene. Putrid is another one of these South American metal bands who are able to draw influences from around the world and craft their own blasphemous sound. The four song release, “Proclaim the Pest,” demonstrates the band’s musical identity by merging black metal, death metal and even some grindcore elements. This album’s sound is raw and reminds me of early black metal production with a more vicious old school death metal style of playing.

    There is not one dull moment once this album starts. The opening song begins with a merciless musical onslaught titled, “Alive in Decay.” Driven by blitzkrieg guitar riffs and intense blast beats, the song exemplifies extreme music. The following track, “Pentamorphic Maze Asylum,” opens with a slower sludge sounding riff before bursting into a wicked tornado of terrifying notes. I definitely hear influences ranging from Napalm Death, Revenge, early Dark Funeral and Mayhem. However, Putrid takes the music into their own realm of musical insanity.

    Track number three, “Desekrator,” is the song I enjoy most on this release. The music is drenched in old school death metal compositions, but presented in that unforgiving black metal tone. Just imagine Morbid Angel and Mayhem had a musical child. Also, the vocals are a brutal reflection of the heavy sounding main composition. The finale to this album, “Triumph,” starts with a haunting sounding intro part. By this time the band has given listeners plenty of extreme riffs that you can’t believe they still have more to offer. The brutality is endless!

    When the album is all said and done, Putrid did not stray away from their vicious sound of black/death the entire time. Very consistent work and the recording quality suited the band’s compositions and musicianship very well. I have reviewed a decent amount of bands who play a similar style, but I think the passion Putrid has for this type of music really jumps out when listening to each of the four songs. After reviewing a fair amount of South American bands, I can honestly say that these metal maniacs really do live and breath metal. Putrid’s “Proclaim the Pest” is a recommended listen for any fan of extreme music desiring solid compositions and a demonic soul ripping sound.

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