Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kirra "Run Away"

   You don’t hear too many strong up and coming rock and roll bands these days. To be honest, I usually stick to the various forms of metal since good basic classic rock style bands are in short supply. Well, Kirra is a rock band who seems to have a formula going that might get people like myself interested in a more straightforward style of rock music.

    I think the classic hard rock structure is a rare form these days since most indie rock bands have saturated the music market with watered down nonsense. Kirra revisits that nineties chord punching hard rock sound with their debut album, “Run Away.” Sharp reverb riffs and raw grunge type vocals dominate this twelve track album.

   The band injects some heavier moments during certain songs, and those subtle parts give the sound a slight surge of aggression. The lead guitar playing is precise and fits the songs well. On the opening track, “Tappy Gilmore,” you hear the band taking a solid rock rhythm and developing the piece into an overall catchy rock song. Track number two, “Fly,” maintains that basic bare bones rock and roll mentality with some flashy leads thrown in. Other songs on this album such as, “Lies” and “Lay You Down,” feature similar arrangements to the beginning songs, but the leads and riff offer some variation if you listen closely. 

    Towards the end of the album, Kirra keeps hammering out nineties style hard rock music. The musicianship is not mediocre, however, the style of rock that these guys play is not looking to push technical boundaries. Songs such as, “Stay,” may not be to my exact musical preference, though I do see the potential to where Kirra might connect with a rock fan searching for a solid catchy sound. “Too Far Gone,” was probably my favorite song on the album and the opening riff really stands out. The song has a great main groove and seems to set up this endless drum and guitar highway of rock and roll.

    I think Kirra is possibly one of the most unique bands I have listened to recently, because they are going for a simple hard rock sound. They aren’t playing technical solos or incorporating ambient musical atmospheres, but just hitting away at their instruments like so many rock bands in the past. Some of the songs tend to have very basic rock lyrical structures, but I do believe this band’s sound can attract a wide fan base. If you want some solid crushing hard rock to play as you are driving around town in your car, then check out Kirra’s, “Run Away.”

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  1. I do enjoy the hard rock sound. Will check them out.

    Thanks, Robby