Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Countless Skies "Solace (Single)"

    Coming across the musical landscape with a melodic death metal style and creative determination, England’s Countless Skies leaves listeners wrapping their minds around the variety of sounds that can be heard on the band’s single, “Solace.” The blend of calming melodic touches and aggressive metal sounds takes listeners into a realm of musical fascination.

    Personally, I could not get over how the single’s cover art complimented the song. If you look at the cover for this single, you will notice an individual standing amongst trees under a starry night sky with a green tint to the picture. There is a type of tranquility to this scene, but also a sense of mystery due to the green celestial light. Now, the music definitely conveys that same contrast with calming compositions and then moments of extreme elements to add diversity to the track. Once the acoustic guitar and piano riff set the path for the melodic lead guitar to paint a wondrous picture, you do not anticipate the death growl vocals that soon follow. I thought the track always kept me guessing where the band would go next, and at the same time, they maintained a brilliant melodic sounding atmosphere.

    For one song I do believe Countless Skies demonstrated tremendous musical talent. My only advice would be for the band to not settle for simplicity and to keep pushing the boundaries of melodic death metal. As a fan of progressive rock music, I really do enjoy the cleverness put into the recording of, “Solace.” Can’t wait to hear an entire album from Countless Skies. Also, I hope they make sure to use the same artist who did the cover for this single!

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