Sunday, July 5, 2015

Trials "This Ruined World"

    With a balance of aggressive metal compositions and well incorporated progressive hard rock elements, Trials looks to offer listeners with an a-typical release. “This Ruined World,” is the Chicago based band’s third full-length album to date...where the hell was I for the last two albums?!
    I think what listeners will notice right away is that this band is not held to one style of rock/metal. There is definitely exploration into different instrumental arrangements and the songs seem take on their own special identities. The same goes for the vocals on this album, which Trials’ singer does a brilliant job presenting the lyrical themes in both a clean style and a harsh growl style. Compared to most bands who use the contrasting vocal style, I thought Trials used it more effectively because the emotion put into the lyrics vividly stood out.
    As I said early, this band has a very progressive approach and the type of metal that they play does not fall into one sub-genre. At times on this album you will find yourself getting lost in this massive sounding instrumental atmosphere with hints of unforgiving rage offered up by the vocals. Each musician is extremely talented and plays their own important role in making the songs bleed with artistic expression.
    Tracks that will catch listeners right away are “Truth Defiled” and “Don’t Believe the Word.” The opening song, “Truth Defiled,” is a fierce musical statement with some hard hitting lyrics. The words have substance and are voiced with a purpose. To accompany the lyrics are some cleverly written riffs and compositions that do not follow a boring or repetitious pattern.
    Other songs on this album like “Digging My Own Grave” and “Disgraced and Erased,” do not hesitate to express feelings of anger and despair. The way that this band goes about writing their music is unbelievable at times. There is an honest tone and presentation to this album. You simply do not get that from those corporate watered down metal bands who all seem to sound the same. The song, “Beat the System to Death,” is a perfect reflect of not only this band’s mentality, but also there inability to succumb to musical simplicity. 
    The final three songs on this album I have decided to call the one two three knock out punch. First of the three is, “They Hide Behind the Law.” A brutal sounding guitar riff kicks the song off and the band never slows down the intensity. Second is “Inheritance,” which begins with a fluid string picking acoustic intro that explodes into a heavy grooving technical track. The final piece to the knock out is, “This Ruined World.” The song serves as a grave warning and continues to maintain a challenging musical presence. I thought the track was a great way to close the curtain on such a strong sounding release.
    Before being sent this album, I had not heard of Trials before. Now after listening to the full album, I will following them from here on out. “This Ruined World,” is an album that I strongly believe shall grab the attentions of those in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. There is so much hard work and creatively that I can honestly say people will find something to be impressed with on this album. After hearing Trials I do not think the world is completely going down the toilet...musically.

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  1. Listening to this one RIGHT NOW. And I gotta say that I'm very impressed. Everyone that's into thrash should check it out!!