Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rob "the metal guy" Rants About Metal #10

    When there is no place left on the casino circuit for them...the washed up eighties hair bands get together to put on a washed up eighties hair metal jam fest. Who would go and see that you might ask? Well, Tom Keifer from Cinderella will be part of it, so I am not going to completely knock the show. However, Sebastian Bach will be there and I would not be surprised if he throws one of his famous Bach tantrums.
    Actually, this show at the Irvine Meadows in Irvine, Ca looks somewhat interesting. I would not mind seeing Faster Pussycat and Tom Keifer. Though I am a tad confused why they booked both Tracii Guns and L.A. Guns. Tracii used to be in L.A. Guns and he said some harsh words about the band’s current drummer. There might be a hair metal brawl on stage! Unfortunately, these bands have had their glory days and need to move on. Their cheesy videos and catchy rock songs about messing around with women will always be a guilty pleasure of mine, but I would not pay to see them now (Cinderella is an amazing rock band and Tom Keifer is a brilliant songwriter, thus he is excluded from that last statement).
    So, Ghost or Ghost BC released another new song that will be on their upcoming third album. The song, “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” is a slight return to their early material with a heavier riff section being more noticeable. I think the band actually listened to some of the criticism they received from fans over their last album being too keyboard saturated. I definitely hear a difference from their last release, but I still think that the first album, “Opus Eponymous,” shall forever be the album that defines Ghost for me. The two new tracks I have heard are by no means utter pieces of flaming horse crap, though the musical astonishment I have for this band is not the same compared to when I first heard their debut release. In the end, I cannot complain because at least this is an improvement from the second album, “Infestissumam.” That album was a disappointment just like the San Jose Sharks hockey team failing to win in the playoffs every year and then not even making it last year...
    Last topic to bring up is that if you ever want to avoid upsetting Glenn Danzig, just don’t go up to him and shove a camera in his face. Danzig has been known to get confrontational when a reporter or music fan starts filming him. This past week Navid Farsi who I guess has trolled rock musicians and other celebrities before, decided to go after Danzig and get a reaction by filming the singer. Not only did Navid film Danzig during the concert, he was bold enough to go up to Danzig after the show in the parking lot. Sure enough the dude was put in a headlock by Danzig and the video is now getting plenty of views on youtube. I think Danzig needs to watch his temper, but this Navid guy is an internet attention wanting douche. Unfortunately, Navid got what he wanted because now all the metal media websites are talking about this. In the end I ask one thing: Leave Danzig alone and he will leave you alone. Just imagine Danzig is a wild animal that should be left alone in his natural habitat.
    Alright that is it for this week’s rant. Who thought I would make it to ten...well, the metal world keeps offering me good topics to evaluate. Some topics are more ridiculous than others of course...

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