Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Project Pain "Thrashed to Kill "

    Get ready for some old school style thrashing! The dudes from Project Pain return with their sophomore album titled, “Thrashed to Kill.”
    This is not the first time I have heard music from this bunch of Netherlands based thrash metal loving musicians. When I first started out doing album reviews, I reviewed Project Pain’s debut release, “I Have Sinned.” If you are a fan of Exodus, Overkill, Toxik, Slayer, Exumer or any other eighties thrash band, you will quickly gravitate to Project Pain’s sound. These guys are not creating a new style of metal by any means, but their true appreciation for the thrash metal sub-genre makes for a solid list of songs.
    “Thrashed to Kill,” I think features the band playing at a more intense level than they did before with their debut album. The songs have some really slamming compositions. Also, I noticed the production on this album comes across more bold sounding than the previous album. The riffs are simply brutal! As a guitar player I always enjoy hearing well recorded riffs. Compared to some bands I have reviewed in the past, Project Pain’s riffs are not overly generic sounding and were mixed by someone who has a pretty good understanding of how to record metal music.
    Some of my favorites songs on this album are “Piss On Your Grave,” “Sent Off to Die,” “Fear the Reaper” and “Taken by Force.” I honestly believe there are no weak songs on this album, but there are some tracks that tend to sound slightly repetitive. Of course I cannot fault Project Pain for creating songs that are not progressive and overly technically challenging. Thrash metal is all about writing fierce unapologetic songs full of intense galloping palm muted guitars and machine gun sounding drums beats.
    Songs like “Zero Tolerance” are perfect for when you are pissed off at the world, or when life is getting you down. The unapologetic mentality of Project Pain’s sound can definitely be channeled into a positive escape for those listeners wanting to release some pent-up aggression. “At Dawn We Ride,” is a rebellious piece of thrash music that features a blistering guitar lead. Although thrash metal leads tend to be considered simplistic to that of technical progressive metal players, I think the leads Project Pain creates are full of trem picking and compliment the band’s aggressive overall sound.
    Project Pain is another thrash band in this world who does not need to prove anything to anyone. All these guys need to do is plug in their guitars, lay down a brutal rhythm, and have their vocalist fearlessly yell into the mic as the band pounds out killer thrash tune. When listening to, “Thrashed to Kill,” I hear a group of musicians who enjoy the music that they create and seem to be having fun while thrashing listener’s speakers. How do you keep the pit moving? Keep on playing bands like Project Pain! Global thrash fans unite! \m/

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