Monday, July 6, 2015

Album Recommendation: Jar’d Loose "Goes to Purgatory"

    I am sent a decent amount of bands to review from different rock and metal labels, so I cannot check out every band on the planet. Sometimes it takes me a year or two to find out about an awesome band that put out an album four years ago! Well, about two months back I found out about Chicago's Jar’d Loose and can’t stop listening to their debut album, “Goes to Purgatory.”
    Surprisingly enough I found out about this band through reading their singer’s wrestling opinion column on Metalsucks. Out of the other articles on Metalsucks it was the one most worth reading. After agreeing with how he analyzed the current state of wrestling entertainment, I decided to check out his band. So, off I went to youtube and typed in the band’s name, Jar’d Loose. First song to show up was the video for, “Coming Like a Nightmare.” Once the main riff exploded through my speakers I was instantly drawn to the song. The band’s raw delivery was simple yet extremely powerful and gravitating. All I could think was...I need their album.
    Now, I did what any supportive hard rock and metal fan who hears a band on youtube that they enjoy should do... I bought a copy of their album. The purpose of this article is for me to persuade you to check out Jar’d Loose and the album, “Goes to Purgatory.” If I succeed there will be more people driving around rocking out to Jar’d Loose while people in the next lane give looks of confusion.
    The band’s unique crushing mix of hard rock and metal is established right away with the opening track, “Last Living Roach.” Singer Eddie Gobbo delivers the lyrics with this harsh and no-nonsense vocal style that is very old school hardcore punk sounding at times. As the band hammers out a distorted demon of a jam, you find yourself getting lost in the furious tsunami of noise. Song number two, “Rotten Tooth,” is a vicious piece of music with some really potent lyrics. Eva Bialecki’s bass plucks out a thunderous flurry of notes while drummer Phil Hardman utterly smashes his kit following along to the song’s main riff.
    Tracks three and four, “Appendage” and “Busted,” continue the brutal assault that the band established with the opening songs. Jar’d Loose does not need flashy solos or technical riffs to make their sound extremely heavy. Just listen to the riff guitarist Pete Adam Bialecki throws down on song number five, “Hell’s Mothers.” The riff has that powerful sonic chord destroying vibe you hear from bands like the Melvins or Saint Vitus.
    Another area where Jar’d Loose excels in and comes across as a creative force, is through their lyrics. The words are cleverly constructed to fit each songs composition. For example on the song, “Right Eye,” the lyrical phrasing is so vivid and sticks in your head. Before the chorus Eddie repeats this unapologetic sounding verse, “...No Shame, Needs No Forgiveness.”  Each word and each instrument offer such raw passion that I am hooked to every sound coming from the song.
    “Go Down With You” and the last song on the album, “Coming Like a Nightmare,” are packed with a variety of different sounding arrangements and rebellious musical ideas. “Coming Like a Nightmare,” tears through the speakers with no holds barred and simply demolishes.
    From top to bottom you will not find a dual moment on this album. Jar’d Loose is the type of hard rock and metal the world needs right now. The raw sounding expression is an honest reflection of what these musicians have to offer. Alright, I think I have said enough. Please, just go out and buy the album or I will be coming to your house like a nightmare and won’t leave until you purchase, “Goes to Purgatory.”

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