Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tempel "The Moon Lit Our Path"

    Sometimes an artist does not need words to tell a story. In the history of rock and metal, instrumental songs can be epic tales of wonder and amazement. Arizona duo, Tempel, is one of those bands that does not need words to tell a creative musical tale. These guys just have some awesome sounding song titles and creative musical compositions.
    Overall, this second release titled, “The Moon Lit Our Path,” is a more determined attempt of what can be heard on their debut release, “On the Steps of the Temple.” The band pushes their compositions and atmospheres into more technical and diverse sounding realms. Also, there is a chronological development that can be heard while listening to all five tracks on this new album. Each one is recorded with great consideration for detail. The drums and guitar arrangements are complex at times, but still maintain this dark heavy thunderous sound.
    “The Moon Lit Our Path,” can be best described as progressive metal mixed with elements of black metal and atmospheric rock. When I really listen to this album I can honestly say the progressive approach displays this band’s musical talents and determination. There are multiple parts that feature different tempos, time signatures and even parts that trade the heavy distorted guitar for a vibrant sounding acoustic guitar. I think the acoustic guitar incorporation added a unique flair to the music’s overall atmosphere.
    These songs seem to be placed in a certain order that if you read the titles, they tell a story of what is going on this album. Track one, “Carvings in the Door,” is the introduction and the band develops the instrumental track to reflect that feeling of discovering something that grows into a monumental sound. Loud bombastic riffs seem to continuously build up to this chaotic climax. The following track, “The Moon Lit Our Path,” begins with a sludgy riff that expands over the course of the track. Eventually the music takes on this calming vibe that reflects the bands more progressive doom like style.
    I really enjoyed tracks three and four on this album, “Descending into the Labyrinth” and “Tomb of the Ancients.” These songs featured some dark riffs and then could also display a mellower side with the acoustic guitar parts. “Tomb of the Ancients,” is probably my favorite on the album and begins with this haunting acoustic intro that compliments the album’s dark captivating cinematic theme.
    Probably towards the beginning of the final song, “Dawn Breaks Over the Ruins,” I was struggling a little bit to keep interest. An album of complex progressive instrumental metal songs is definitely a difficult task, because some listeners might not be used to this type of music. However, I was not completely disinterested and thought the finishing track offered enough diverse arrangements to keep me engaged.
    Once the last note fades off into the shadowy distorted musical sky, one must take a moment to reflect the effort and musical imagination that Tempel put into this album. “The Moon Lit Our Path,” is a really solid instrumental metal album that features a variety of styles. If you can handle vast extreme sounding instrumental landscapes, I would recommend you check this album out immediately! 

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