Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Screams From the Garage "EP: Le Nostre Radici"

    In a world full of overpaid and egotistical rock stars, we need a young determined punk/metal band to rally the underground. Coming from Castelbuono, Italy, Screams From the Garage looks to be a group that can bring the hardcore and crossover scenes together in the fight against mainstream musical garbage.
    Their style of music stems from this group’s enjoyment of hardcore punk and metal. When listening to Screams From the Garage you feel as if you are going back in time to when Black Flag first released, “Nervous Breakdown,” or when Negative Approach was tearing up the streets of Detroit. This four song EP is exciting and it is a great example of true musical expression.
    The line-up featured on this release consists of Gabriele Growl on vocals, Antonio Sfascia Chitarre on guitar & vocals, Gabriele Wizard on bass and Gabriele Taddeo on Drums. I think the band chemistry is very solid and each song demonstrates the determination of this young group to get their message heard.
    Also, the band sings in their native language, which I think gives the songs an authentic style of expression. After translating some of the lyrics, I felt as if I already knew where the band was coming from just by Growl’s delivery. No matter what language the lyrics are presented in, this is a style of music that transcends borders with its powerful feel and energy.
    The first song that I heard from this EP was, “Il Dio Denaro.” You have this simple yet really heavy sounding thrash riff that kicks off the track and then Growl comes in with his rapid vocal delivery. The music is fierce and unforgiving. Once the song finished, I was immediately ready to check out the next three!
    “Moscardelli Is The Way,” is more of an upbeat and quick tempo type punk song. The track expresses the band’s enjoyment of soccer and has this really catchy chorus. As the band shouts out the chorus you almost want to join along as if you are attending a live show. Another area that really impressed me about this EP was the raw feel that can be heard on each track. “Le Nostre Radici,” is a song that is presented in this unapologetic manner and the instrumental composition is a perfect reflection of the lyrics. Antonio’s guitar parts are screams of rage while Wizard and Taddeo maintain this strong musical backbone.
    The final song on the EP, “Basta Scorie!,” stands out from the rest with a slow dark intro that then explodes into a hardcore tornado. I can see this song getting fans to jump off the stage and run around the venue knocking chairs over. To sum the song up, this piece of music simply embodies the spirit of punk.
    All four tracks on this EP represent the musical mentality that resides in the brains of many across this planet who want to express their inner rebelliousness nature. Screams From the Garage is a band that is needed in a world dominated by the shallow music industry elite. In the years to come, I can’t wait for what else this band has to offer musically. May their screams echo outside the confines of the garage and reach all hardcore punk/metal fans across the world!

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