Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rob "the metal guy" Rants About Metal #7

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Dave Mustaine’s mind flying away into the clouds.
    Yep, I need to start this rant off by bringing up Old Man Mustaine. Recently I have been hearing some news about the new Megadeth album. Unfortunately the type of news I am hearing is not increasing my interest in the new release. I am more afraid than when I first heard the title track to, Super Collider! First off, they have some country artist named Steve Wariner playing on a track. Is Megadeth jumping off the thrash ship and venturing into the world of country? I know the band played at some George Jones tribute concert, but they honestly don’t think their core fan base is really going to embrace MegaCountry. Also, I am just worried that the album will be a disappointment because Dave Mustaine is a squirrel. No offense, but his interviews can be a bit bizarre and musically I don’t know what else this band really has to offer. I shall hope that the new album is a strong release and makes up for the last album, Super Disappointment Collider. However, I will not hold my breath...
    Next topic is about a band that I recently heard on the radio. The band is... Butcher Babies. For those who don’t know of them, just imagine two female singers trying to growl and dress in outrageous sexy looking outfits. In all fairness they are not completely horrible, but after hearing their song, “Monster Ball,” on Sirius Liquid Metal, I really do not get how people consider them to be an act worth paying money for. Their sound is a mix of poorly arranged nu metal/ industrial metal and really bad growling. Vocally, I could not tell what was going on. The contrast of very pop like clean vocals and weak sounding death growls made my head hurt. Also, the lyrics being presented in the song were about as memorable as the words on the back of a cereal box. After the song finished, I learned to always turn the station when Butcher Babies shows up on air.
    Last topic I want to bring up... Did you know that Gene Simmons thinks rock is dead? Again! I am tired of hearing him saying this bit in every interview. Gene, why don’t you donate some of your money to the young rock/metal bands to help rock not die! Or just retire to some island and never bother us again! If rock was completely one hundred percent dead, then why do people still pay for Kiss shows? Why do people still give this arrogant man money? Best answer I can come up with for those last two questions, I think some Kiss fans have been brainwashed or fed subliminal messages. That would be a great science fiction movie. Kiss taking over the world with subliminal messages in their music and products. Wouldn’t be surprised if Gene takes my idea and actually makes the movie...
    Well, there is this week’s rant. Feel free to comment on one of the topics brought up. Don’t be afraid to voice your honest opinion like I do!

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