Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nightslug "Loathe"

    Beware the sludge monster from Düsseldorf, Germany known as Nightslug. This band will send shivers down your spin and overload your speakers with heavy amounts of distortion.
    Their second release, “Loathe,” is a harsh bleak sounding album of sludge and doom that reaches into the dark corners of society. Just to get to the point without using too many descriptive words, this album is extreme. The fact that this is a three piece band making such extreme sounding music is really impressive. Now, I think this is an album and type of music that you need to be in the mood for. If you are in an optimistic mood and are having a positive outlook on life, I would recommend not listening to this album. For people like me who enjoy the sludge and haunting sounds of doom like musical compositions, you will be very pleased.
    When an album begins with a harsh monologue followed by some loud bass and guitar parts covered by mountains of reverb, I instantly get hooked. Of course, if certain people don’t listen to this type of music often they might be taken by surprise. “Vile Pigs,” is definitely a strong first song and the title grabs listeners with its unapologetic attitude. The band hammers out a wicked sounding piece of behemoth sludge. Track number two, “Loathe,” is a massive cloak of distortion and the drums come crashing into the hectic riff filled land. There is this catchy heavy grooving rhythm going on, but it seems to get covered up by the immense amounts of distortion and tortured sounding vocals.
    For their third track Nightslug presents a song titled, “The Thrill is Gone: Repulsion” There is this loud scream of feedback and the pounding bass riff hits with tremendous force. Song number four, “Under a Bane,” wastes no time and instantly jumps into a distorted jam. Unfortunately, I was not as impresses by this track and felt the band sounded really off tempo. Then again, Nightslug’s style of music is all about being chaotic and intense, so not surprised by the hectic arrangement.
    “Disease,” is a song that I felt brought the band back to a more slow sludge like presentation and it reminded my of how Eyehategod sounds. I really enjoyed the crushing riffs that sound like they could level a city. “Pure” and “Tainted Throne,” are two strong sludge tracks and maintain the overall dark unapologetic vibe that this album has to offer. The band started out extreme and finished the same way.
    Overall Nightslug is an extreme noise making terror of sludge and doom. I believe there will be those who shall enjoy the album, and then there will be those who believe their speakers are broken. Definitely an acquired taste amongst the metal community. For the most part, I enjoyed the album and will be blasting Nightslug as I drive through the dark woods towards my ominous looking castle...okay, I don’t own a castle, but I will be blasting this album when I am in the mood for dark sounding sludge metal.

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