Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rob "the metal guy" Rants About Metal #3

    Ghost is back...Oh wait, I have to call them Ghost B.C. since they were forced to change their name in America due to legal reasons. Anyway, they are going to be releasing their third album later this summer with the exact date being August 21. Titled, “Meliora,” the album is the follow-up to 2013’s, "Infestissumam." I personally thought “Infestissumam" was a flat out disappointment, especially compared to the band’s first album. I remember constantly talking about the first album and getting excited for the follow up to that release. Unfortunately, Ghost just did not deliver a strong recording with that second album. I thought the album was extremely over produced and the band added too many keyboard arrangements. Compared to the spooky melodic classic rock sounding first album, the band turned into a techno pop rock group who relied heavily upon their gimmicky. Also, when the band decided to expand their merchandizing by putting out butt plugs and dildos, I thought I was dealing with another Kiss. Hopefully with this third album Ghost returns to the more classic rock driven sound and relies less on keyboards. Also, I would like to see them stop making sex toys...Leave the outrageous merchandizing to Gene Simmons.
    Slayer drama alert! Slayer drama alert! Blabbermouth reports that Kerry King felt ‘insulted’ by the record contract that was offered to the band by longtime producer and label boss Rick Rubin. Slayer has worked with Rubin and American Recordings for a longtime and recently King addressed the reason for the split. I guess an agreement could not be made for this new album, so the band is using Nuclear Blast to put out their eleventh album, “Repentless.” I could care less who puts out the new Slayer album, but I think the whole situation is humorous given that Kerry King has come to be viewed as the major jerk of the metal world. Maybe Rubin should have offered to take Kerry King to Burger King in the contract? I can’t wait to see more hilarious stories involving current or former members of Slayer. Don’t forget, the new album does not come out until 9/11, so I think we will be hearing more from metal’s most dramatic band who used to be metal’s most feared and well respected bands.
    Last topic...I am leaving it up to you people! Tell me something below in the comments section that is going on in the metal world that you would like to express an opinion about. Don’t be afraid to say what you feel and even come up with a clever joke. 
    Hope you enjoyed this weeks rant and I will be back with another! \m/

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