Saturday, May 30, 2015

Feign "Into the Void"

    Atmospheric Black Metal is a style of music that can offer listeners endless wonder and allow the musician to incorporate extreme moments of powerful inner human expression. This is a type of metal that if composed right, can allow people to escape the reality in which they live. Each note, each growl and each layer of sound needs to be truly special.
    One man band, Feign, offers a three song demo that demonstrates some of those qualities that I was talking about. Coming from the state of Maine, the musician Jacob Lizotte is responsible for every instrument played on this demo titled, “Into the Void.” Surprisingly, there are many one man black metal bands, but I have heard few that sound as solid as Feign.
    The first song, “Deathwisher,” comes across as a cosmic black metal extreme dream with a heavy main rhythm that is accompanied by rapid attacking drums. As the guitar notes bleed out over the thunderous percussion, the music seems to slowly expand. I really liked the layering of the instruments and believe the vocal style used fits the sound. Jacob does not try to force the vocal style into the music, but instead allows the lyrics to follow with overall composition.
    After the first track ends the second one quickly begins and transitions into an accelerated black metal instrumental composition. Titled, “Soulcrusher,” the feel of this song is definitely more emotionally charged compared to, “Deathwisher.” This track comes across with a more sinister tone, yet the touches of subtle melodic compositions give the track a unique and dynamic sound. I wish Jacob would have extended the song to be longer than the six minute time range. If he did maybe ten minutes, I think the track could have offered more creative compositions to the already fascinating piece.   
    The last song on this demo is called, “Stargazer.” With this track he fades the demo out with a solemn guitar arrangement. I have heard this often on albums where the band decides to end with a guitar piece. I would have liked something a bit more epic or bombastic sounding that then fades out. Though I do believe the space like tone of the guitar compliments the demo’s overall theme quite well.
    For only three songs I do believe that Feign has great potential. Once a full-length album is released we shall be able to see what Jacob’s musical minds has to offer. The possibilities are endless and hopefully he does not limit himself to the extreme pleasant tools available that make this music so special. If you are a fan of atmospheric black metal and progressive extreme music, you need to listen to this demo and keep a look out for this one man band.

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