Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blackened "Underground Attack"

    The global thrash metal scene is alive and kicking! There are bands from all around the world creating heavy thrashing riffs that stir up mosh pits and get the people in the front row head banging.
    Coming from Brazil, Blackened, adds themselves to the worldwide thrash ranks with their six song EP, “Underground Attack.” The band draws influence from the classic eighties thrash scene and adds in a modern crossover kick to the face. Just imagine the chaotic frenzy of DRI mixed with the unapologetic attitude of Exodus. For a young band these guys know how to play their instruments well and write some wicked sounding lyrics. The music sounds really tight and the songs contain great levels of pure thrash energy.
    The opening instrumental track, “Starting the Chaos,” begins with a thunderous guitar and drum attack. After some crazy drum fills, the band launches into the mosh forming madness. The second track, “Underground Attack,” is a triumphant sounding piece of crossover thrash that has the speed of punk and attitude of metal. Following the relentless thrashing second track, the band begins song number three, “Extreme Violence,” with an Iron Maiden like bass introduction. Soon the bass fades and the heavy guitar riff assault starts tearing away. The singer provides a fierce energetic vocal delivery that perfectly compliments the explosive sounding music.
    Just as the first three songs celebrated the legacy of thrash with a ferocious edge, the last three do not let up or become repetitious. The fourth song, “Psychopath,” sounds like something out of the Bay Area thrash scene. Track number five, “Third World,” demonstrates how thrash musicians can write thoughtful songs that comment of societal issues. Unlike some artists who can only write songs about screwing around in the back of a car on a Friday night, thrash bands like Blackened show a level of musical maturity and intelligence. The final song, “TxNxDx (Thrash Never Dies),” is a bold and confident statement to the rest of the music world. From the passionate vocal delivery, to the insane double bass drum attack and to the distorted screaming old school sounding guitar solo, this song is proof that thrash is alive and kicking.
    Some metal critics might argue that there are too many revival crossover thrash type bands around, but I would say that some of those young bands are worth hearing, because they play just as good as some of those eighties metal bands do now. Also, the young thrashers tend to not have inflated egos like certain older metal artists who I will not name. Overall, Blackened did not disappoint on this release and they sounded solid. Once they release a full-length album, I would not hesitate in getting a copy. If you are a fan of old school thrash played by young musicians who offer that modern shot in the arm, you should definitely check out Blackened. The band’s last song is very true, thrash never dies, because the young bands shall continue the great legacy that was set forth by groups such as Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, Overkill, DRI, Whiplash, Testament, Megadeth, Anthrax, Powerlord, Nuclear Assault, Toxik...I can go on and on...

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