Thursday, January 8, 2015

Phantasmal "The Reaper’s Forge"

    Legions of Black Metal and Thrash Metal fans get ready, the Reaper calls upon you to visit his unholy forge and listen to this three song demo. Are you metal enough to answer the Reaper’s call?
    Now, Phantasmal may be playing a style of metal that has been done numerous times before, however, they do standout with their very abrasive old school thrash meets harsh sounding black metal style. Titled, “The Reaper’s Forge,” this three track demo really taps into the unforgiving fist raising heavy metal sound and attitude. Phantasmal presents a unique black/thrash metal sound, because they never just stick to one style during a song. There can be a very chilling sounding black metal intro that makes way for a relentless thrash driven assault.
    The opening track, “The Reaper’s Forge,” really kicks this demo off with an aggressive explosion. As the guitars build up into a ripping palm muted riff, the singer unleashes this unholy growl like scream. Overall, the song is a solid black metal tinged thrash metal creation. Track two on this demo, “The Eternal Campaign,” begins with a straight forward bombastic sounding intro composition and maintains this extremely heavy tone, especially with the guitar playing. The main rhythm sounds simply unforgiving along with the singer’s vocal delivery.
    Phantasmal has a really tight sound and the final song this demo, “Queen Nightshade,” perfectly captures their extreme music making talents. From the vicious sounding vocals to the blasphemous guitar and drum compositions, this song will get you head banging and wanting to run around the room enthusiastically smashing chairs. The song takes on a bit of a traditional metal style and captures that raw old school metal sound.
    For a three song demo, “The Reaper’s Forge,” definitely makes me want to hear more from this group. From what I heard on this demo, I think Phantasmal has the potential to continuously create consistent black/thrash music. Phantasmal actually sounds like a band that might have recorded their music in the Reaper’s Forge. If they keep hammering out some more crushing riffs and sinister songs, this band will make the Reaper very happy...along with plenty of metal heads around the world who like this type of music.

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