Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cvinger-"The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls"

    All hail the demonic musical presence that is Cvinger! Those who enjoy extreme sounding black metal shall be overcome with sinister joy once they listen to this album.
    Titled, “The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls,” the album is an unholy tale dealing with the rising dark forces from the world below. This is black metal at its extreme and unforgiving core. The overall recording for this album perfectly captures the blasphemous noises along with giving the music a aggressive tone. Compared to most black metal albums where the production is purposely harsh sounding, this release relies on the band’s vicious presentation to give the music a dark unholy quality.
    Cvinger makes this release interesting from the opening track, “Chapter I: Charons Passage to the World Beyond,” to the last track, “Chapter III: Amen II.” I like how the band divided the album into three chapters, because the songs seem to flow as if they were told in the form of a story...a story about hell of course.
    Musically, the compositions maintain a level of ferocity, but can become slightly repetitive. The drumming on this album is really consistent and the blast beats provide a strong rhythmic backbone for the riffs to take form. Cvinger’s vocalist has a harsh and loud delivery that compliments the unholy lyrics. Still, the whole darkness and evil black metal gimmick comes through at times, but I would say that these guys play with such passion that they stand out from your usual Mayhem and Immortal copy cat bands. Songs like, “Summoning” and “Bogs of the Ancient Ones,” actually demonstrate great extreme musical dynamics and feature multiple complex layers. The riffs are monstrous sounding! Once the guitars start tearing away chaos just ensues and there is no stopping the unholy sounding attack.
     The middle section of this album, “Chapter II: Pass the Seventh Gate,” and the last half of the album, I felt really expressed this bands extreme artistic expression. My favorite song this album, “Vile of Flesh,” is an intense musical ride for 3 minutes and 29 seconds. The song sounded like a cross between Dark Funeral and Nercophobic, which means the song was ridiculously intense sounding.
    So there you have it people, Black Metal from Slovenia that will knock any priest off of their podium. Cvinger’s, “The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls,” is definitely one of the most creative and consistent sounding black metal recordings I have heard this year. Of course the lyrical imagery is not anything new, though I did like how the band went about writing this diabolical tale. Also, I am glad they didn’t sound like they recorded the album in an outhouse with a broken tape recorder. This release is highly worth checking out if you like extreme music with a sinister edge, and of course, solid production so you can distinctively hear the guitars and drums.
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