Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nader Sadek-"The Malefic: Chapter III"

    This four song EP “The Malefic: Chapter III” by Nader Sadek, is one ferocious blend of multiple metal sub-genres. The reason for this EP’s diverse extreme sound is due mainly in part to the fact that their are many great metal musicians making contributions. 
    Nader Sadek is a metal project that yields extreme technical talent. The band features drummer Flo Mounier from CRYPTOPSY, vocalist Travis Ryan from of CATTLE DECAPITATION, Guitarist Rune Eriksen from AURA NOIR and Bobby Koelble, who played on my favorite DEATH album, “Symbolic.” Also, there are three different bass players on this album, all who are well recognized in their craft. The main guy is Martin Wriggle who formerly played with of DECAPITATED. Alex Webster, Cannibal Corpse bass master and songwriter,  offers his brutal talents to the song, "Deformation by Incision." Olivier Pinard, who used to play in NEURAXIS and is now currently the touring bassist for CRYPTOPSY, shows off his bass playing abilities on the track, "Carrion Whispers.” With such accomplished musicians working together, one can only expect blazing technicality, brutal unapologetic vocals and music with plenty of attitude.
    The opening death metal juggernaut piece, “Deformation by Incision,” is a chaotic blitzkrieg of pure insanity. The rhythms are complex and push the music into dark mind bending voids of technical endlessness. Travis Ryan sounds great with his low death growl vocal tone that gives the music a vicious quality. Each guitar riff is fluid and the dynamic technicality just does not disappoint. When listening to this song I can’t believe a human is able to play that many notes and maintain a solid sound the whole way through. Track number two, “Carrion Whispers,” begins with a more black metal sound. The main guitar riff in the beginning of the song conveys an intense dark sound. Throughout the song as the riff changes, the drummer aggressively pounds away at the complex time signatures. The virtuosic lead guitar playing is also quite compelling and adds to the band’s massive in your face brutal technical sound.
    For the third track, “Entropy Eternal,” the band sticks to a more straightforward tech death sound. Solid blast beats, loud bombastic growls and insane guitar parts simply make up the song, well of course the music is not that simple. These guys never stop altering the music and you can never predict the direction in which the instruments will take you. The final song, “Descent,” is actually a deviation from the other more intense technical death metal tracks. I feel this track is a little more atmospheric. The tempo is slowed down to create a very bone chilling atmosphere. About half way through the song a sharp lead guitar piece is thrown in, and it adds some variety to the slower death doom sound. I really like this track’s overall composition and the songwriting reflects Nader Sadek’s diverse creative extreme metal minds.
    If you are a fan of extreme diverse sounding technical metal, this EP is right up your alley. I would say there is definitely an emphasis of tech death on this EP, but there are some black metal moments and atmospheric death doom elements too. With this many great musicians, hell, you are going to be getting something that is pretty damn mind blowing and musically challenging. Prepare yourself...

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