Sunday, July 27, 2014

Protestant-"In Thy Name" LP

Band: Protestant
Album: In Thy Name


    Take chaotic sounding black metal, throw in some heavy grooving hardcore punk and the final result is Protestant’s, “In Thy Name.”    
    The extreme furious sound that can be heard on this Milwaukee band’s new LP is unbelievably stunning. Their unapologetic style of musical expression constantly demands your attention. When listening to this album I was left speechless at times because the music is very compelling. Protestant perfectly blends fierce sounding black metal with aggressive hardcore punk. Each song delivers in crushing form and there is plenty of dark passion behind their music. When the singer presents the words in his vicious style, the emphasis he puts on each word is tremendous. Musically this band knows how to combine intense sounding riffs with massive sounding rhythms. There are times on this album where the music is extremely chaotic, and then there are some areas where they can alter the tempo to create really hard grooving parts.
    Protestant starts the album off with a ferocious track called, “Vengeance.” The intense guitars tear away into a black metal onslaught as the singer begins his harsh vocal delivery. I really like the lyrical phrasing and find that it works well with the instrumental arrangements. The following track, “Carrion,” takes on a more straight forward aggressive approach. There are times during the song where the drummer really pounds on his kit to achieve an enormous thunderous sound. Mix his style of drumming with the guitars, and the sound is monumentally loud. Track three, “Never More,” demonstrates the band’s ability to strategical alter tempo which keeps the listener not knowing what to expect next. 
    Songs like “Vultures,” “Blood” and “In Thy Name/ Hell’s Insanity,” feature plenty of raw sounding emotion. Protestant maintains a solid intense sound and the band never relinquishes that extreme unforgiving mentality. After track seven “Forfeit” finished, I sat in my car hoping there would be another track because the band had me hooked by that point. Luckily for me there was an eighth and final song called, “Delusion.” Probably my favorite song on the album, “Delusion” closes in ultimate chaotic style. The guitars furiously attack and the distortion sounds like a gigantic ocean wave crashing against rocky sea cliffs. Protestant continues to bring that relentless extreme sound until the last guitar note slowly fades out.
    These guys really know how to create extreme meaningful music. Their aggressive style of expression and raw unforgiving sound makes “In They Name” a must listen for all fans who enjoy extreme music. With this album you will get sinister sounding black metal and intense hardcore punk all rolled up into one chaotic ball of nonstop fury. Warning: Protestant is not for those who like non-meaningful bubble gum type music. This is music for those who want to release their inner rage and not feel like a sheep trapped in a hollow controlled society. Easily one of my favorite releases of this year right now, and I can’t wait to hear what Protestant will do next.

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