Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ruins/ Usnea 7” Split Review

Bands: Ruins and Usnea


    Pure chaotic distorted noise is simply the best way to describe this 7”. Ruins and Usnea are the two bands who each offer a song on this crushing split. The Milwaukee based label Halo of Flies is going to be putting the 7” spilt out June 3, 2014. You can pre-order now on the label’s website and pick either clear vinyl or black vinyl.
    Now, may there only be a couple tracks on this split, each song tends to be rather enjoyable in its own unique way. German crust hardcore sludge act Ruins starts the split off with the song “Discrimen.” A blazing riff introduction sets the early tempo, and is soon accompanied by brain pounding rhythms of mighty force. Midway through the song the band shifts course and the tempo picks up. The intense driving hardcore punk style gives the song a fast driving destructive nature. As the singer shouts over the other instruments the foundations around me seem to shake and crumble. Definitely would like to hear what an entire album from this group would sound like, because I was really impressed by their constant changing musical approach. 
    Usnea, a Portland, OR based sludge death doom sounding band, keeps the music on a more consistent level. During their song, “Only the End of the World,” the band slowly draws out distortion crushing riffs for about six minutes. Each time the drummer hits the cymbals, the sound is like a bomb making direct impact with the earth. Also, the singer sounds as if he is singing while the world around him is actually collapsing. I really think the band chose a suitable song title for this track because the music fits perfectly. If there is a movie with a scene that depicts slow mass destruction, I would want this song to be the background music.
    As I said before, for only two songs this split delivers the destructive distortion goods. Both bands composed solid pieces of music. In my opinion, a good split is when the listener walks away wanting to hear more. Guess what? I want to hear more from both bands! Highly recommend this split for all those who like bone crushing and world ending music...slow world ending music to be specific. 


  1. thanks for the review!! USNEA has a LP out already and another on the way. RUINS has a great LP called "incidents" you should really check out!