Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review: Morbid Slaughter, "Wicca EP"

Band: Morbid Slaughter
Album: Wicca EP

    South American extreme music strikes again with the band, Morbid Slaughter. This thrash/ black metal act from Lima, Peru offers up all the right intense haunting sounds on this two song EP titled, “Wicca.”
    Definitely hear influences like Slayer, Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Venom, early Bathory and all those other groups who enjoy scaring priests with blasphemous music. Morbid Slaughter is really nothing that I have not heard before, but I will say that they present some wicked thrashing music. This group has passion, dark passion might I add. Their horror themed extreme music creates ominous chaotic atmospheres, very similar to all those early Black Metal recordings. The first song, “Wicca,” rips into a quick galloping rhythm of darkness that hits the ears right away. Their singer’s vocal presentation is vicious and compliments the sinister sounding instrumental arrangements. Out of the two songs on this EP, I really enjoyed tracked two, “The Nightly Breath of God,” Compared to the first song I thought the riffs were more challenging and the whole song sounds tighter. The guitarist lays down a killer solo of great note ripping fury. His solo is not too over the top like most thrash guitarists, and it fits perfectly into the song.
    Overall Morbid Slaughter put out a solid two song release. I will definitely be checking out more material from this group. I recommend this EP for all those denim patch wearing metal fans who get excited over hearing intense thrash riffs, crushing blast beats and of course, tortured sounding demonic vocals. Remember, you can’t listen to that first Bathory album all the time, so go listen to this young up and coming group out!

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