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Coms 210 Assignment #5: Kiss Controversy Continues...

Kiss Controversy Continues...

    In the last month if were to check out any hard rock or metal website, you probably saw an article about Kiss. Unfortunately, the article was most likely not about the original four members hanging out and settling their differences.
    Ever since the Rock and Roll Hall of Losers decided to wake up and finally induct the once hottest band in the world, the original four members have decided to resort back to their childish playground behavior ways. Paul and Gene usually say something in an interview to upset Ace and Peter, and a day or two later Ace and Peter respond with a punchy statement. These dudes are in their sixties, but act like a pack of junior High School girls!
    This week’s comments, made by Paul Stanley in an article put out by the New York Post, have me questioning whether or not to throw out some of my Kiss merchandise. In the article, Paul claims that Peter and Ace are anti-Semitic and were jealous that Gene and Paul could write better songs. One quote that made me fall out of my chair was when Paul made a claim that I usually here from crazy conspiracy theorists.
    Paul said, “Ace and particularly Peter felt powerless and impotent when faced with the tireless focus, drive and ambition of me and Gene,” and to follow that up statement up with, “As a result, the two of them tried to sabotage the band — which, as they saw it, was unfairly manipulated by [us] money-grubbing Jews.”
    Okay Mr. Stanley, I may have not been their to witness this supposed anti-Semitic behavior, but I am damn sure Ace and Peter did not suffer addiction problems just because you and Gene are Jewish. The whole claim that since they could not write songs they decided to focus on ruining the band is a complete joke. Ace wrote some kick ass songs like “Cold Gin,” “Shock Me,” “Talk to Me” and had the best of the four 1978 Kiss solo albums. Peter Criss sings on, “Beth,” Kiss’ first top ten charting song. Now, there has been some claims that Peter did not really write that much for Beth, but still, he was a big part of that song so he deserves credit. I think Paul might be the jealous one, or insecure one for that fact.
    Now going back to the anti-Semitic claims, I do not believe Ace and Peter are true “anti-Semites.” If they had been, why would they have wanted to be in the band to begin with?! Also, there is no real necessary reason for Paul to make those claims unless to stir up controversy. I really wish media organizations would stop interview Kiss members, because every stupid comment gets reported to death by all the rock and metal websites.
    I will admit that the New York Post article offered some interesting information about Paul’s past. It sounded like the guy had a hard time growing up, and rock music was an escape. Now, if only he didn’t have to go on the Ace and Peter attack mode, I would have probably enjoy reading the article.
    My hope is that after the Rock and Roll Hall of Jerks induction ceremony, Kiss will go off on their summer tour and I won’t have to hear about two ex-band members being accused of trying to ruin the band due to the fact the other two guys were Jewish. I recommend checking out the entire article below because there are more interesting claims made by Paul. Well, can’t wait to hear Peter’s article response soon...Not!
link to NYPost article

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