Friday, March 14, 2014

Cultfinder "Hell’s Teeth"

Band: Cultfinder
Album: Hell’s Teeth

    Cultfinder’s debut full-length release, “Hell’s Teeth” is a vicious bite of Black Metal and Thrash Metal. This three piece from Farnborough, UK, sounds a lot like early Bathory, and Venom. The production is very raw and the riffs are extremely aggressive. To accompany the relentless aggressive riffs, the drummer provides plenty of intense blast beats. Most of the lyrical content on this album deals with the usual Black Thrash Metal themes of hell, the occult and of course, Satan. The vocals used to sing the satanic lyrics definitely leans more towards the Black Metal style. I hear some Mayhem influence in the vocals, along with the overall lyrical phrasing. Even how this album starts out, reminds me of a classic Black Metal release with whispering demonic noises to create a hellish overall theme.
    Once the bands kicks it into high gear the musical insanity instantly demands your attention. The crude distortion level from the guitar on, “All Conquering Death,” brings forth the unholy sounds of Hell. Cultfinder’s vocalist screams out the blasphemous lyrics that would scary any priest or nun to the point that they would piss their pants. “Devil’s Whore” continues the unapologetic Black Thrash Metal assault and demonstrates the band’s intense musical talents. Towards the end of the song the band slows down the tempo for a haunting break down section. This aggressive yet haunting mentality of spills over into following track, “Morbid Breed.” The main chorus riff is very catchy, and takes on this more hardcore punk style. Some of the drum parts during the song sound like they were recorded with a really shitty microphone, and it gives the track a complete chaotic feel. The song, “Unholy Orders” is a bit of a departure from the intense Black Thrash Metal blueprint. Instead of being intense, the song is very atmospheric with a hollow echoing guitar riff. The song makes you feel like you are floating in endless dark space without any chance of returning. To finish the album off, Cultfinder unleashes the unholy anthem, “The Scourging Angel.” Here the band throws in some more doom elements to conjure up a truly wicked sound.    
    For all those who enjoy Black Metal and Thrash Metal, I think this album will deliver the basics for you. Of course this style of music is nothing I have not heard before, but I do believe Cultfinder’s debut release, “Hell’s Teeth,” is a solid album the whole way through. There are plenty of great bone sawing riffs and blasphemous lyrics to keep all those denim jacket headbangers happy. Trust me, trying to make headbangers happy is no easy task, so hopefully Cultfinder does the trick.

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