Monday, January 20, 2014

Artist Feature: Caladan Brood

    Thought I would share this awesome Atmospheric Black Metal band with everyone today. Caladan Brood is a two piece group out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their debut release, "Echoes of Battle", was released this past year and received plenty of positive reviews. I personally consider this album to be one of the best releases to comeout last year. Caladan Brood does a brilliant job creating these grand musical atmospheres that draw listeners into a world of epic sounding proportion.

    For only two musicians, I must say that the creativity put into each recording is truly unbelievable. The song I decided to share is called, "Wild Autumn Wind". On this track, Caladan Brood experiments with a variety of different musical compositions. There is a pleasant symphonic undertone which contrasts with the more abrasive Black Metal vocal style used to narrate the triumphant sounding lyrics. My favorite part of the song is the electrifying guitar solo. The guitar tone rings out over the vast musical landscape. His fluid sweeps from each string perfectly follow along to the song's main driving rhythm. When the song finishes I am left speechless, and feel as though I have just returned from a long journey.

    If you enjoy epic fantasy based Atmospheric Black Metal along with some symphonic elements, I highly recommend giving Caladan Brood a listen.

Song: "Wild Autumn Wind"
Band: Caladan Brood

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  1. It's been two years?
    Where's the time gone?
    Looking forward to more reviews and of course your rants!