Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enter to the Realm of Satan!

2014 is shaping up to be a good year for Metal. New releases from some high level bands are beginning to stir up chatter across the Metal community. I thought I would focus on the expected release from one of Thrash Metal's most important sinister bands, Slayer. Their last album "World Painted Blood" came out about five years ago. I remember picking the album up right after I got out of school. That release was one of many consistent extreme thrash releases from the Southern California quartet. Sadly, "World Painted Blood" is the last album to feature Jeff Hanneman and Dave Lombardo. Personally, after the passing of Jeff along with Dave's departure from the group, I am really not overly excited about the new album. No matter how many times Kerry King says the new material will sound great there is simply no replacing the original four's sound and chemistry. New guitarist Gary Holt is an talented player in his own right, but Jeff was a huge part of Slayer's sound. Paul Bostaph, the new drummer replacing Dave, has played in Slayer before when Dave left the band back in the early nineties. Dave Lombardo is one of my favorite drummers and I really wish he was playing on the new album. Still, I will listen to the new music from Slayer and fairly evaluate the release once it comes out. If you want to comment on the upcoming Slayer album please feel free to do so below? Also, are you happy with the new line-up? Or as long as it is a official Slayer release, you don't care either way?

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