Friday, January 31, 2014

Coms 210 Assignment #1: The Life of a Metalhead

January 23, 1992, the Canadian Rock band Rush played in Inglewood, CA, while on the second leg of their Roll the Bones tour. Why did I bring this date up? First off, I am a die hard Rush and can name all of their studio albums in chronological order. Secondly, that is the exact date when I was born! Yes, just up north from where Rush played that day I was delivered at a San Jose hospital located near downtown. Maybe my infant self could sense the band getting closer to the Bay Area, and I wanted to come out in time to be present for when they arrived. Of course, I did not get to see Rush play live when they came through the Bay Area in 1992, but eventually I would see the band perform live.
    Now, the point I am trying to make with the Rush reference is that the music I listen to has played a major part in shaping my identity. Ever since I was a young dude I have been an avid rock and metal fan. Growing up my parents listened to mostly classic seventies and eighties rock music, so whenever driving somewhere in our family car I remember listening to Deep Purple, Stevie Ray Vaughn, AC/ DC and Van Halen. Also, my older cousin exposed me to bands like Alice In Chains, Metallica, The Misfits, Pantera and Rob Zombie at an early age, which definitely played a major role in influencing my musical tastes going forward.  
    While attending High School in San Ramon, CA I expanded my rock and metal musical range to where the list of bands I listened to would take up an entire page. Now, it wasn’t until I graduated from High School that I became more directly involved with the music I listened to. The spring semester of my freshman year at SSU marked the beginning of my radio show on Ksun called, “The Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Zone.” Over the past four semester I have interviewed some great artists on air like Hank 3, Sean McGrath from Impaled and Oderous Urungus, the outrageous lead singer from the Shock Metal band Gwar. Along with the radio show, my friend and I started our own Heavy Metal news website where I write album reviews and conduct online interviews. The great part about the website is that it allows me to connect with various rock/ metal musicians from all around the world. Who knows? Maybe I will discover the next Rush? No matter where I see myself in life I know at the end of the day rock and metal music will always be there, and no one can take that away. Headbanger for life! \m/

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