Saturday, January 25, 2014

Artist Recommendation

In the past decade there has been a significant amount of revival Thrash Metal bands putting out great material. Hatchet, a Bay Area Thrash outfit, is one of many groups who are keeping that intense galloping riff based music alive and furiously moshing forward. Last year in Walnut Creek, I saw them open up for Havok, another talented revival Thrash band. Hatchet's style of Thrash stays true to that early Metallica, Exodus, Testament and Megadeth formula. Their riffs are wicked sounding and very fluid. The lead singer's sharp vocals demand your attention on every song. Hatchet's drummer is an extremely talented double bass master who really knows his way around the kit. All around the music is consistent and extreme sounding. If you are a die hard mosh pit loving Thrash Metal fan and have not heard of Hatchet before, then I recommend you start. Here is a sample from their most recent album, "Dawn Of The End". Enjoy \m/!!!

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