Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rob “the metal guy” vs. Antifa Part 3: The SJW Apocalypse

    I could have sworn that I wrote an article last year expressing my disgust of Antifa after shutting down the Marduk show in Oakland. Before that article I am pretty sure that I wrote an article about them ruining Graveland’s festival appearance in Montreal. Does it ever end with these assholes?

    It seems to me that this is an ongoing battle and I don't understand how Antifa keeps getting away with their SJW crusades against black metal bands. These people twist facts, make irrational claims and pretty much shutdown anything that they believe is promoting Nazism. I swear they act more like Nazis than anyone else on this planet!

    The story going around this time is that the Norwegian back metal band, TAAKE, had their New York show cancelled thanks to Antifa pressuring the venue to pull the plug on the show. The venue released a statement I read saying they were cancelling the show due to the fact that they promote a safe space for people at their shows and the concert conflicted with that belief. In my opinion the reason was complete garbage and we all know that the venue did it because they were afraid of Antifa showing up and causing problems. Just another venue that could not standup for freedom of speech and decided to give into this terror groups demands.

    As of recent though the news that I found out yesterday which really prompted me to write this article is that the artist, King Dude, who was the opener for TAAKE on this tour, decided to drop off the tour because of the controversy. Plus, he does not want to be around an environment that promotes hate, yet he still claims to be a satanist. In the end, he too is a spineless humanoid who is trying to appease the SJW types. Instead of standing up for the band that was allowing him to open for them, he has shown his true cowardly colors and should have never been given the chance to open for TAAKE to begin with.

    Okay, maybe I should discuss the reasons why TAAKE is being labelled a “Nazi” band just to shutdown all the braindead Antifa trolls. In 2007 during one of their shows in Germany, longtime member and really the main guy behind TAAKE, Hoest, appeared on stage with a swastika painted on his chest along with an upside down cross. Now in Germany it is illegal to display the swastika and the band was forced to cancel the remainder of their shows in Germany. Hoest denies that he did it trying to glorifying Nazism and instead was using it as shock value and as extreme symbolism for an extreme form of music.

    What most people keep missing in all these arguments about bands being supposed Nazis is that sometimes using Nazi imagery is to add shock value to the music and performance. Extreme music since its roots has been controversial and different topics about evil have been explored in different ways. You cannot censor extreme music, because that opens the gates to more possible censorship of artists. People need to also understand that if you don’t agree with it, you don’t have to support the artist, but that does not mean you can prevent others from supporting that artist.

    Once again, Antifa is creating a more fascist environment by forcing the cancellation of concerts in America. Also, people like King Dude remind us that instead of thinking about freedom of speech, people only think for themselves and show their true colors when faced with protecting extreme music. I will be honest and say that I am not a die hard TAAKE fan, however, the reason I wanted to write this article is that I understand the frustration when it comes to a band you enjoy having their show cancelled and getting exaggerated accusations thrown at them. When it happened to one of my favorite bands, Graveland, I instantly started writing my first article about Antifa and their complete stupidity as an organization.

    In conclusion, this must stop! We as extreme music fans need to standup for artists and protect freedom of speech and artistic expression. Venue owners must tell Antifa to screw off and not bow down to their terroristic threats. We shall avoid the SJW Apocalypse and we shall feel free to enjoy our black metal concerts without fear of cancellation!

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  1. Continue writing and exposing these groups like Antifa that want to destroy free speech.