Friday, February 16, 2018

Review: Putrid & Pathetic Split Release "Devorando Carne Divina"

    Teaming up for an unholy assault upon the world, Putrid and Pathetic look to unleash extreme apocalyptic chaos with the release of, “Devorando Carne Divina.” The split features eight tracks of vicious blackened death metal that shall slam through your speakers with behemoth unapologetic force powerful enough to demolish Vatican City.

    I am quite familiar with Putrid since I have been reviewing their releases for a couple years now. The Lima, Peru based band blends black metal and death metal to create some blasphemous sounding extreme music. The raw sound that they conjure up is in my opinion very bold and instantly grabs your attention.

    Putrid offers four killer songs on this split and they once again establish themselves as a strong up and coming force in the extreme metal world. The first song, “We are the Cult of Cain,” pulls listeners into an abysmal world of crushing guitars and decimating drums. Adding to the already destructive sounding mix, the insidious growls provide by the band’s vocalist inject a truly sinister touch. The second track, “The Great Serpent Await Us,” begins with a burst of feedback and then explodes into another tornado of musical insanity.

    The third song by Putrid, “The Age of a Lower Race,” is a juggernaut of pulverizing noise terror. I am instantly drawn to the gruesome sounding riffs and all around diabolic verses. Putrid’s last song on the split, “The Curse!!,” is a cover that was originally recorded by the band Slaughter (Not the annoying hair metal band Slaughter). I thought it was a good cover and I like how Putrid added their distinct take on it instead of just copying the original song note for note.

   The other band featured on this split is the Canadian blackened death metal act, Pathetic, and this was my first introduction to them. I must say that Pathetic is a solid act and one I shall definitely keep an eye on as well as go back and listen to their previous recordings. The band delivers such unforgiving and aggressive tracks of bombastic sounding blackened death metal. The vocalist has an incredible growl that stands out during their tracks and provides vivid lyrical delivery.
    Pathetic’s four songs on this split had me constantly headbanging and reveling in the extreme excess of morbid brutality. “Bataclan” is an assault of distorted hell and I could not believe how well the guitar and bass sound was captured. You definitely get a punch right to the gut when this band hammers out their riffs. “Cannibal Fuck Fest,” is a gory cut of music that reminds me of classic Impetigo with its burst of vile sounding intensity.

    Probably my favorite song on this split is, “Army of God,” and one I think Pathetic did a stellar job writing. The song exposes the disgusting religious fanatics who are part of that Christian terror group and contains some ultra killer riffs. I also really liked the drumming and felt like the song’s overall structure was very well composed. Their final song, “The 12 Kings of Hell (Boleskine),” maintains the band’s monstrous style of blackened death and simply does not disappoint.

    In the end, if you enjoy blistering blackened death metal then you need to check out this split and start paying attention to what Putrid and Pathetic are doing. Whoever came up with the idea of bringing these two bands together is a genius, because their styles really do compliment each other. Easily one of the best splits I have heard in a few years, so really check it out and support the bands!

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