Sunday, February 4, 2018

Project Pain "Brothers in Blood"

    Project Pain is band that continues to crank out wicked thrash music with each new album. I have been reviewing releases from this band since their 2012 debut album, “I Have Sinned.” Over the years I have witnessed them maintain a solid presence in the world of thrash metal by not compromising and constantly cranking out some killer thrash riffs.

    The Netherlands based band does not deviate from their previous releases with, “Brothers in Blood,” which is their third full-length album. Project Pain’s sound stays true to that old school thrash mentality and I like how they focus on coming up with solid kick ass thrash riffs. There are so many bands trying to be Slayer knockoffs that I like when I band focuses on coming up with their own unique thrash sound instead of being just another copycat.

    “Brothers in Blood,” contains ten aggressive tracks that are guaranteed to make you want to bang your head and jump into the pit. The opening song, “Primator,” unleashes a tsunami of merciless riffs and skull crushing drum parts. Overall I liked the sound of the song and I felt like the production was executed extremely well. This might be the best produced and recorded Project Pain album to date. Song number two, “Final March,” is a piece of music that throws you into a chaotic battle field of vicious distortion that has you locked-in until the song finishes.

    I really like the intensity that Project Pain delivers with this album and song number three, “Silent Invader,” is an adrenaline pumping melee of thrash. The band’s guitarists throws in some tasty licks and his solos get the job done. Tracks four and five, “Eternal Flames” and Decay,” maintain a bellicose tone and keep the thrash assault going strong.

    The final half of the album is really no different from the first half, because Project Pain does not stop hammering out their brand of unforgiving thrash metal. The instrumental piece, “Fueled by Fear,” I thought was a creative way to set up the next song, “Driven by Hate.” There are some well written bass parts and the guitar parts really capture your attention. The final song, “I Don’t Give a Fuck,” I think was the best choice to end the album. The song’s pissed off sounding theme and blitzkrieg of riffs once again shows Project Pain’s ability to write some killer thrash music.

    As I stated earlier, this is quite possibly the best sounding Project Pain release I have heard reviewed and I can hear the band pushing themselves to write even more aggressive and explosive sounding pieces thrash metal. After hearing what they did with this album I shall be looking forward to hearing how they can expand from here. If you enjoy thrash metal that gives you a rush of intense headbanging, then you will want to check this album out right away!

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