Monday, March 14, 2016

Concert Review: Thought Vomit, Sean Rivera and Contortion at Gale's Central Club

    After attending a killer punk and metal show the week before, I found myself returning to Gale’s Central Club in downtown Petaluma for yet another crushing evening of live music. The line-up consisted of Sean Rivera from MSG, Contortion and Thought Vomit. Also, there was no cover charge for this show, so those of you who are tired of paying outrageous ticket prices at the movies, need to start dragging your lazy dimes down to these shows. 

    Even with the weather being extremely poor and there being very little promotion, there still was a decent turnout. I am glad that someone sent me a text the day before, otherwise I would have been unaware of this event. Arriving at the bar, I could see the punk and metal crowd already enjoying some music from guitarist/singer Sean Rivera, who also plays in a rock band called MSG. Using a pedal board, Sean was able to change up his guitar sound which complimented the change is his vocal tone. He could really hit those high notes at times. Most of his songs fell into the hard rock category with a few metal like riffs here and there. I was impressed by his fingerpicking piece that contained a pleasant chord progression. For a solo artist he did a solid job, especially opening for more extreme bands, with one being know to create insane mosh pits where dogs will somehow end up in the pit. 

    Following Sean's set, Contortion started bringing their gear into the bar. This four piece metal band was from Southern California, and they were currently on tour. Their music conveyed quite a few political messages that expressed disillusionment with certain aspects of the American system. They had one song that raised issue with how America has the largest incarceration rate for a first world country. Musically, the band played a very basic form of metal that didn’t sound horrible, but was not anything new. For a two guitar attack, I felt like they offered up more generic riffs than dynamic leads. Then again, some people are more into just writing simple and catchy headbanging riffs. Contortion’s drummer was really destroying behind the kit and looked like he was giving every ounce of energy he had during their set. For the most part the band put on an enjoyable performance, which the crowd seemed to enjoy since a few people were beginning to push and attempt to get a pit going. 

    After Contortion finished up and passed a tip jar around to get some money to help out on their tour, Thought Vomit began setting up. I have seen these fanatical punk thrashers numerous times before, and writing reviews about them is always fun, because there are some many memorable moments during their a dog in the mosh pit. Tonight the band seemed ready to turn the place up side down which the crowd was ready for. Singer Spencer Clark was in the zone once the band started playing their opening song, “Wreck Shop.” Guitarist Chris Meyer cranked out brutal riff after brutal riff, while bassist Jordie Hilley hammered away at his instrument. Drummer Clay Prieto maintained the thunderous beat, while hit his cymbals with wicked force. Unfortunately, Spencer’s mic kept cutting out which made it hard to hear his vocals at times, but he did not let the problem prevent him from screaming his heart out and soldiering on throughout the set. Also, shout-out to Jordie Hilley for throwing in some wicked bass solos. For those people who think bass players only know how to follow along to the rhythm, Jordie showed some impressive skill traveling down the neck. Since this was a twenty-one and up show, I am going to say that the pit was not as large as it could have been. However, the songs were great and the crowd responded well, especially to the new material. 

    So, there is another account of the awesome music that this area has to offer. Keep your eyes and ears open, because these shows are worth attending. Plus, the bands who played last night are definitely worth checking out. Again, affordable entertainment that does not cost an arm and a leg, along with the chance to see solid punk and metal talent right in front of your eyes. Who needs 3-D movies when you have members of Thought Vomit literally walking and running around in the middle of the crowd...Thought Vomit 3-D concert movies...could be a big deal...

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