Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hypermass "Clouded Visions EP"

    With relentless fury and technicality, Norwegian melodic death metal madmen, Hypermass, unleash a brutal burst of mind crushing music. Their EP “Clouded Visions” is a feverish sounding extreme music attack that definitely explores the realm of technical and progressive boundaries.

    I have been noticing a strong surge of young bands keeping a diverse musical mentality and taking their music in a variety of directions. Melodic death metal seems to be pumping out these bands who know jazz and progressive rock structures which can be applied to a more brutal style of music. Honestly, Hypermass is a great example of technical music knowledge mixed with passionate extreme aggression.

    The band’s riff are slamming, yet can dive into these prog jazz parts that demonstrate excellent instrumental technique. Some of the guitar solos are unbelievable, especially during the final song where the music takes a break from the heavy death metal style and goes off into a mellow jazz world. Of course the band presents solid dynamics and definitely keeps the songs interesting. After hearing so many bands attempt to mold melodic death metal into something more unique, I notice certain moments where Hypermass tries to standout from the rest.

    Once the album’s introduction instrumental song begins the band belts out some ripping riffs. The drumming on this album is really impressive and the drummers technical ability can vividly be heard on the song, “Ionized.” Overall, the band offers up a no holds barred style of metal which the singer expresses in a simply unapologetic manner. “Embracing Erasion,” is another solid track and showcases the masterful dynamic guitar playing that Hypermass puts great emphasis on. In the end the final song, “Clouded Visions,” steals the show and is the most creative and progressive track Hypermass has to give listeners. If you want to hear Hypermass lay down all their extreme and diverse musical skills...this is the track that does it...enough said.

    Wrapping this review up, I think Hypermass really presented some skillful songs and musicianship with their EP, “Clouded Visions.” To hear where the band takes their music in the future is going to be something of interest for fans of progressive extreme music. I think any fan of creative melodic death metal should check out this release and understand there are still dedicated creative minds making extreme music.

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  1. Great review. I never heard of this band, but the way you write and give them high praise for pushing the creative boundaries of the type of music they play, makes me want to check them out.