Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rob "the metal guy" Rants About Metal #16

    Slash and Axl are friends once we have been told. I guess they need to make some extra money.

    Yeah, I have noticed more Guns N’ Roses related articles since the news about Slash and Axl Rose reconciling. Of course, you will notice a majority of the articles are speculating the return of the original line-up from “Appetite for Destruction.” However, no official word yet that says Slash and the other guys are rejoining Guns N’ Roses. For the last twenty something years the band has just been going around as an Axl Rose solo band.

    Personally, I think an “Appetite For Destruction” line-up tour would be great to see for the fans who have wanted it for so many damn years, but I would not pay to attend a show. The tickets would probably be priced at a ridiculous amount and I fear Axl would show up late, pissed off leading to him walking off the stage, or both. No, I am just fine listening to my “Appetite for Destruction” CD. If the original band wants to get together and makes some quick money, more power to them.

    For this next topic I thought I would discuss the new Iron Maiden album which comes out later this week. September 4th the band’s sixteenth studio album, “The Book of Souls,” will be released. After reading a few early reviews, I have noticed that the band is receiving some positive press. The way that the writers are describing the album is definitely getting me interested.

    So, when listening to the radio today I was surprised by how a radio DJ failed to take the opportunity to play the band’s new single for the album, “Speed of Light.” While listening the channel on Sirius Radio called, Ozzy’s Boneyard, which used to just be the Boneyard, a DJ brought up the new single and even plugged the album’s release date. However, after throwing compliment after compliment about the new music, he decided to play, “Hallowed be Thy Name.”

    Now, there is nothing wrong with playing that song, but after talking about how awesome this new single is, I would hope to hear the single. Ozzy’s Boneyard should try to play the new single more often, that way fans can hear the new music and be influenced to buy the new album. I am damn sure the label would give them permission to play, “The Speed of Light,” if the station asked. I honestly found this whole situation to reflect how Iron Maiden is still somewhat held as a nostalgia act in the US and there seems to be more global fans interested in the new music. I am not saying there are no US fans interested in the new album, however, I do believe there is a portion of American’s who only want to hear songs from, “The Number of the Beast.” Anyway, the new Iron Maiden album will definitely be a release I am looking forward to when it drops.

    That is all I can think of this week people. Take it or leave it, that is my hard rock and metal rant. Leave a comment below if you have an opinion you want voiced. -DJ Rob “the metal guy”


  1. I agree that Ozzy's Boneyard should play the new Iron Maiden single, and new music from up and coming bands too. They play a lot of old stuff and too much of Ozzy's music. I wonder why?
    The DJS' sound like they party pretty hard, so very few brain cells left. Robby, you could do a better job!
    Now I'm on a rant.

  2. Thanks for feedback! Yeah, some of those guys on the Boneyard sound like they used to drink a bottle of whiskey a day and have smoked quite a few packs of cigs.