Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rob “the metal guy” Rants About Metal #14

    Supposedly there is new music from Immortal that is in the works, however, longtime member Abbath will not be involved. That is like having an original Black Sabbath line-up without Bill Ward. I can’t imagine any of this nonsense actually happening...oh wait, yes I can.

    To be honest, I was slightly shocked by the announcement that lyricist/guitarist Demonaz and drummer Horgh released this past week regarding their decision to make a new Immortal album. I really believed Immortal was finished since Abbath started a new band after failing to obtain the legal rights to continue making new music as Immortal. I am confused how Immortal will be able to release an album without Abbath. He is the one guy everyone recognizes from Immortal and his voice gives the band a distinct sound.

    I see an Immortal without Abbath like Motörhead without Lemmy. No offense to Demonaz and Horgh, who are both talented musicians, but I do not believe they will draw the same amount of fans to checkout their new music since Abbath is no longer part of the band. I just don’t see how they can successfully sell Immortal if Abbath does not play on the new album. Maybe I will be wrong and this could be the greatest Immortal album ever released...though, I highly doubt it. 

    Next topic deals with some first hand metal experiences involving live shows I attended this past week. First, I went to a metal/punk show on Sunday that was free at some dive bar in Petaluma, CA. The bar was not the most optimal place for a show since there was no stage and not a whole lot of room for the bands to set up. Most of the people inside were already smashed and did not seem like they were there for the music. Also, the booking for the show was a catastrophe with the opening band being the best band that night and the other three being below the average musical level. The headliner was probably the most questionable act and I was literally the only one standing in front watching while everyone else was either passed out or still pouring more alcohol into their systems. Another point to bring up about that night was I witnessed two multi person brawls and a drunk dude getting body slammed. Complete and utter chaos, but these are the places some bands starting out can only play.

    Well, the other show I attended seemed to be in another galaxy compared to the Petaluma show. On Wednesday I saw Night Demon and Holy Grail play in SF at a bar called, Bottom of the Hill. Now, I wrote a review of that show, so I will not go into detail. However, I will say that the promoter and venue were extremely professional. There were no fights and no drunks getting body slammed. The point I am trying to make is that promoters and venues need to hold themselves to a certain level of professionalism, or face low turnouts in the future. Also, 21 plus/bar shows need to be careful, because they do not want the cops getting called and stopping the show. Unfortunately most bands who have yet to reach a certain level can only play bars since all ages venues tend to demand larger crowds and are becoming fewer (In my area at least). That is why I am a proponent of building more all ages venues and finding ways to make them profitable for the bands and owners.

    Alright, I have written quite enough. Of course there is probably some hair metal controversy I could weigh in on, but I will let Eddie Trunk talk about that on his radio show. Okay, thanks for reading this week’s rant and leave a comment if have an opinion about any topic I brought up during this rant. -Rob “the metal guy”

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